Battle of the two Hattoris


Duel between the real Kanzo Hattori and the fake Kanzo Hattori - who is none other than our dear old villain, Kemuzou Kemumaki


Kanzo Hattori
Kemuzou Kemumaki


Yumeko Kawai


Hattori wins

This duel occured in Kemumaki disguises as Hattori.

The duel Edit

Yumeko was going to her music class, when she came upon Kemumaki, disguised as Hattori. Kemumaki used a fishing rod to reveal Yumeko's knickers. Yumeko was outraged and prepared to attack Kemumaki - when the real Hattori turned up and attacked Kemumaki. He then pulled off Kemumaki's Hattori-styled face mask and put a fake mask with superglue on Kemumaki's face as a replacement. Kemumaki then escaped - but the Hattori-styled face mask was still there.

Aftermath Edit

Click on Kemumaki disguises as Hattori to find out what happened next.

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