Doing 1000 Times More Homework is Tough! (宿題1000倍はつらいでござる!の巻, Shukudai 1000-Bai Wa Tsurai Degozaru! No Maki) is episode 8a of the Ninja Hattori-kun 2012 anime.


The episode starts when Teacher Koike read a magazine and decided that he had to be a good teacher in order for his students to get good grades. The next day, he told the students to work twice as hard and gave them twice their usual amount of homework.

When Kenichi was doing his homework back home, he could not take it anymore and complained to Hattori about the enormous amount of homework. Kenichi asked Hattori to finish his homework with a ninja technique. Shinzo and Shishimaru questions Hattori if there is even such a technique. Hattori then says "Ninja---I'm sorry please excuse me technique!", then the rest of the gang fall over! He told Keinichi that he would just have to finish it himself.

In order to stop Teacher Koike from giving the large amount of homework, Hattori disguised as Mrs Mitsuba. Kenichi was liked the idea since if the parents complained about their children having so much homework, the teacher would surely decrease it. Meanwhile, the real Mrs Mitsuba was making her way to the school after being contacted by Koike to come to his office. Hattori arrived at Teacher Koike's office first, and Koike asked him (as Mrs Mitsuba) what he thought about how Kenichi is doing. Before Hattori could get to tell him about the homework, Mrs Mitsuba came into his office, much to Koike's shock. Hattori tried to run, but knocked into Kenichi who was coming in, revealing that "Mrs Mitsuba" was Hattori! Teacher Koike realised that they were trying to make him decrease the amount of homework. Both of then apologised to the angry teacher who said Kenichi would get 10 times more homework! TBA


  • Hattori told Kenichi to finish his homework by himself as he did not have any technique to do homework, but he could have used the Ninja Speed Writing Technique.