Duel on the rafts


Kanzo Hattori and Kemuzou Kemumaki duel while sailing on rafts by crashing into each other


Kanzo Hattori and Kenichi Mitsuba
Kemuzou Kemumaki and Kagechiyo


Shinzo Hattori and Shishimaru


Hattori wins

This duel occurred when Kanzo Hattori, his foster brother, brother and dog were sailing on their eco - friendly raft made out of tins. Their enjoyment was spoiled by Kemumaki Kemuzou and his cat when they turned up on their sturdier raft made out of logs, announcing that they were going to take Yumeko Kawai somewhere, possibly to the Maldives. They then started ramming Hattori's eco - raft, thus starting the duel.

The duel Edit

Hattori then made a large fan and used it to blow the log raft backwards. In the end, the raft crashed into the river bank and fell apart, much to Kemumaki's chagrin.

Aftermath Edit

Kanzo and the gang presumably sailed away on their raft and went on a long journey.