Fasten and unfasten the Kiyo belt (結んでひらいて影千代帯の巻) is episode 639 of the 1981 anime.

Yumeko is unable to make a bow at the back of her kimono - and she has to get to her concert in just half an hour! Fortunately, Hattori has some Kimono draping tricks behind his sleeve...... 

Hattori, Kemumaki and Kagechiyo clash


One afternoon, Yumeko rings up Kenichi's house, asking if Mrs Mitsuba is at home. When Kenichi replies negatively, Yumeko becomes hysterical before hanging up abruptly. Worrying that something might be wrong, Kenichi sends Hattori to Yumeko's, and Hattori dashes off. Meanwhile in the garden, Kagechiyo listens closely to the conversation.

A few miles ahead, Hattori jumps into Yumeko's house through the open window, falls over and gets entangled in Yumeko's kimono belt. Yumeko is unappreciative of Hattori's presence and says that he shouldn't be at her home. Just then, Kagechiyo and Kemumaki dash into the house and see Hattori doing a very disdainful Yumeko's belt. Kemumaki is furious with Hattori and jumps on top of him, before beating him up. Yumeko worries about neither her mum nor Mrs Mitsuba being around, and her concert starting in just half an hour. Hattori offers to use a Ninja Technique to help her. Hattori does her belt, but when he sees her, he realises his mistake: he's made Yumeko look like a sumo wrestler! Kemumaki then tells Hattori that Mr Koike might know how to do a belt; however, he misunderstands that Kemumaki is trying to learn how to wear a kimono. Horrified, he hangs up. Furthermore, Yumeko is disgusted by the next style Hattori has been trying to do on her! 

Later on, Hattori, Kemumaki, Yumeko and Kagechiyo stand optionless with only a few minutes left. Just then, Hattori gets an idea: to use Kagechiyo as a belt. Kagechiyo reluctantly complies. 

A little while later, Hattori and Kemumaki paint Kagechiyo in gold before turning him into a bow. Yumeko is finally satisfied, and they go to the concert hall. There, they meet Kenichi, Shinzo and Shishimaru, who have brought along a bouquet of flowers for good luck. 

During the concert, Kagechiyo gets dizzy and escapes, so Hattori "borrows" Kenichi's flowers and substitutes them for the bow, before summoning some butterflies to the stage. The crowd is awed as they flutter around the dancing Yumeko. Hattori watches on happily from the rafters.