Hattori and Kenichi take to the skies

Classic photography (The photographic contest) (アクションカメラは任せるでござるの巻) is episode 557 of the 1981 Ninja Hattori-kun anime.

Hattori tries to help Kenichi with a project for the school newspaper. However, Kemumaki and his cat are constantly getting in the way - and Yumeko is presiding over who the better photographer is (again!).

Synopsis Edit

It all starts at school, where Yumeko is fawning over Kemumaki's photography, when Kenichi comes in, his face fallen and purple. He then shows his photos, which have all been ruined by ink. Yumeko's reaction isn't seen, but Kenichi overhears her saying that Kemumaki will be the new photographer for the school magazine.

Back at home, Shinzo and Shishimaru laugh over Kenichi's pictures. Kenichi then brutally kicks them out before breaking down completely. Hattori appears out of thin air and asks Kenichi what the matter is. Kenichi tells his friend about his troubles, and then Hattori promises to help. Kenichi then jumps for joy and hurries off with Hattori.

Later on, at a swimming pool, Hattori and Kenichi try to get some swimming shots - first one of a bloke doing breast-strokes. However, Kagechiyo sneaks up from behind Hattori (who's running at the bottom of the swimming pool with Kenichi on his shoulders) and slows him down with a chain. The duo then fall over.

The boys then try to get a photo of a person diving into the pool. They go up into the air on Hattori's cloth glider - however, thanks to Kemumaki's blasted shuriken, the boys crash, stunning them and ruining Kenichi's camera. Kenichi, noticing the shuriken with Hattori, storms off to take some photographs himself. Hattori, meanwhile, plots revenge...

Hattori tracks Kemumaki down at a tennis court, taking photos of Yumeko and her pals. He then goes into action and adds some of the craziest finishing touches...

  1. Putting dust on the lens of Kemumaki's camera so that Yumeko looks like her face has got wrinkles
  2. Rolling a round, large picture of the underside of a baboon so that Yumeko looks half human, half baboon
  3. Zooming in unnecessarily

The next day, Yumeko is disgusted when she sees the photos. Kemumaki tries to reason with her, but she says that Kenichi will replace him as photographer. Kenichi is overjoyed, but Hattori is secretly guilty for performing the pranks he performed.

Characters Edit

Memorable dialogueEdit

Yumeko Kawai: Kemumaki! What the hell is this?
Kemuzou Kemumaki: What is this? I don't understand!
Yumeko Kawai: Don't act innocent! I hate you!