Wow! What an amazing speed! (Hattori's speed) (目にもとまらぬ早技なんての巻) is episode 550 of the Ninja Hattori-kun 1981 anime.

Hattori has a skill at doing odd jobs around the house rapidly - and he shows it off in a bit of a flamboyant way. 

Hattori goes to fetch Mr Mitsuba

Synopsis Edit

It all starts when Mrs Mitsuba is cleaning outside. It then starts to rain, and Mrs Mitsuba tries to get the clothes in- only that Hattori has jumped out of the window and taken all of them in!

Later on, Kenichi, Shinzo, Shishimaru and Hattori are watching a comedy on television, when Mrs Mitsuba asks Kenichi to go and pick up Mr Mitsuba from the train station and give him his umbrella. Kenichi refuses - but he then realises that Hattori isn't around! The scene then switches to Hattori giving a relieved Mr Mitsuba his umbrella.

At dinner, Kenichi compliments Hattori by calling him a "brother". Mrs Mitsuba then tells her husband that Hattori got all the clothes inside when it started to rain. Hattori then tells the family that he is practising Ninja Blinding Speed Technique and that it is a great advantage to him.

At bedtime, Hattori counts the number of errands that he ran that day - he did ten in total, which means that he did eight tasks off-screen.

Next morning, Hattori wakes the Mitsubas up, cooks breakfast, feeds them their breakfast and tops it all in one minute! Hattori then drops Mr Mitsuba and Kenichi off at work and school. He then returns and washes the dishes, cleans the clothes, hangs them out, vacuum cleans the stairs, buys the groceries, tells Shinzo and Shishimaru to start their training themselves, hangs the bedsheets, dries and irons the clothes, cleans the street, and makes the house squeaky-clean!

Later, Mrs Mitsuba expresses her boredom because Hattori has done all the odd jobs around the house.

A few hours later, Kanzo goes to bed early.

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