Hattori has a dream in which he has trouble adjusting to life in the future. 

Mr Koike chases Hattori

Synopsis Edit

In a futuristic room, Hattori is reading a book on Ninja Techniques. He finishes the chapter on walking on the wall, when Kenichi comes in, wearing magnetic boots. He taunts Hattori for living in he Stone Age, before showing off his "skill" of walking on the walls. He then inserts a computer chip into a screen, and then a female narrator, speaking in Mrs Mitsuba's voice, tells the viewers about how to walk on the walls using Ninja Techniques. He then tells Hattori to use magnetic boots to walk on the wall, but Hattori, ever preferring traditional techniques, politely tells Kenichi that he'll stick to the old-fashioned way.

Meanwhile, at dinner, Hattori gets his dinner through a waiter droid. He then points out that the amount of food was lower than usual, and the robot rebukes in a comical accent, "I have given whatever was given to me," before retreating. Mr Mitsuba then tells Hattori that too much food cane make one fall ill during the Computer Age. Meanwhile, at a conveyor belt, Shinzo and Shishimaru are getting cakes and chocolate rolls. Hattori looks enviously at them.

Later on, Hattori reminisces the old times, and feels so nostalgic that he flies off on his glider - only to be chased by Mr Koike, who is a Computer Age law-keeper. Hattori wakes up, to find himself on Kenichi's bed. Kenichi tells him that in future, he wants to be the Prime Minister, and Hattori is frightened to the point of falling out of Kenichi's window.

Characters Edit

Kanzo Hattori

Shinzo Hattori

Kenichi Mitsuba


Mrs Mitsuba

Kentaru Mitsuba


Waiter droid

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