Hattori prepares a barrage of food when the shops are closed. 

Kemumaki has first go as waiter

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Hattori, Shinzo, Shishimaru and Kenichi are watching the clouds. Kenichi comments that the clouds look like food. Shinzo and Shishimaru say that they're hungry, but Kenichi laments that they haven't got money. Hattori then says that there is a place where they can eat food for free, but if they want to, they can pay. Suddenly, they hear voices, and Kemumaki and his cat jump over the garden wall, stating that they too are hungry, and they want to go too. Shinzo then runs off to the restaurant, with the Koga ninjas in pursuit. However, when they reach the restaurant, their hearts sink - the shop's closed.

Back at the Mitsuba house, Shinzo informs the gang of their disadvantage. Kagechiyo cries uncontrollably, so Shinzo squirts him with a water pistol. Hattori then tells them that he has a few tricks up his sleeve. Kemumaki and Kagechiyo celebrate - only to be squirted by Shinzo again.

Later on, somewhere else in the neighbourhood, Yumeko Kawai turns up, and inquires as to what the fuss is all about. Kenichi asks her to come, but Kemumaki isn't in the mood, so Kenichi - who turns out to be Hattori in disguise - drags Kemumaki along with him. Once Hattori takes his disguise off, he challenges Kemumaki to (groan!) yet another challenge to impress Yumeko.

Later on, Hattori and Kemumaki make a cabinet of confectionery - pastries, cakes, rolls, and the like. Yumeko asks for a pastry, Kenichi a roll, and Shinzo a cake. Kemumaki serves Yumeko first, then Hattori (who didn't really appear to ask for anything), then Shinzo, then an impatient Kenichi, and a gluttonous Shishimaru. The duo shoot into the air, their mouths on fire.

Hattori then prepares a large sushi, sends it into the air, and chops it with his falchion. The slices then land in Kenichi's, Shinzo's, Shishimaru's, Yumeko's, Kagechiyo's, and Kemumaki's mouths. With great difficulty, they suck their slices in. Hattori then stuffs their faces with uncontrollable amounts with confectionery.

Later on, Mrs Mitsuba is bewildered to see six people, stomachs bloated, nearly unconscious with food. She states that she too is as hungry as anything. Hattori promises to make her a dish using his powers.

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