Mrs Okiyama and her daughter Yuki drop by. While Mrs Okiyama and Mrs Mitsuba go out, the gang are left to babysit Yuki. Initially appearing to be shy, she turns out to be a bit of a handful in the end...

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Kenichi is working on his model plane with Hattori and Shinzo when Mrs Mitsuba turns up and says that a friend of hers, Mrs Okiyama, is going to have to do some work with her, and that her two-year-old daughter Yuki will have to be in someone's care. Hattori and the gang volunteer to take care of her.

Soon enough, Mrs Okiyama turns up with her daughter Yuki. She is very shy and hesitant about greeting the boys. Mrs Mitsuba and Mrs Okiyama say goodbye and leave. Yuki then runs into the garden and playfully hides behind a bush. Hattori and the other boys find her, and leave her in the care of Shishimaru. Yuki then wants to ride on Shishimaru's back. He then complies, but collapses out of exhaustion. The toddler then finds some pliers, and wants to play with them, but when Shishimaru tries to stop her, he catches his nose. Shaken, Yuki starts to cry. The boys come and rescue her, and kick poor Shishimaru into his kennel! Shishimaru is feeling sorry for himself when he catches his nose in the pliers again! Ouch!

Hattori manages to get himself some time off while Shinzo and Kenichi look after the young girl. Kenichi admires his model plane, and asks Yuki what she likes. She says she wants to fly like a plane. She then sends Kenichi's model plane into the wall and it falls apart before she jumps off the coffee table, landing on poor Shinzo's head. More worried about the child's safety than angered at the destruction of his plane, Kenichi raises the alarm, and Hattori rescues the toddler from falling off the roof.

Back in Kenichi's room, Hattori entertains the toddler by changing his face - from a fox to a rabbit to Doraemon. He wants some rest, but Yuki then badgers him some more. He inadvertently scares her by turning into a goblin! Yuki starts to cry again - but thankfully, the ladies return home. As Yuki and her mother leave, Mrs Mitsuba expresses her wish that she also had a daughter, while Shishimaru is relieved to see the back of her.

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