Isa-yohi Kenzen was a female Koga-ninja who once fought Hattori on the rooftop of Kemuzou Kemumaki's flat.

Isa-yohi Kenzen




No known relatives





First appearance

The new Ninja

Physical appearance Edit

Isa-yohi was tall and slim, with an athletic figure and two brownponytails sticking out on the sides of her head. She wore blue-and-red robes and had a white headband with a mirror facing the North.

Personality Edit

Isa-yohi was a rude, quarrelsome vixen who couldn't resist a fight. While her Ega-counterpart Tsubame was touchy and sensitive, Isa-yohi was a determined young lady with her own weapons of flower-shaped shurikens, and had a great appetite. She was, however, not very good at reading maps.

Having made two appearances, Isa-yohi had a softer side and was grateful when Hattori rescued her from a pack of stray dogs. However, she remained her feisty self.

History Edit

One morning, Isa-yohi turned up at a crossroad in town, and she had trouble figuring out which way to go. Fortunately for her, while doing his rounds, Kagechiyo stumbled upon Isa-yohi and brought her to his master's flat. She told Kemumaki that she wanted to fight Hattori on his behalf, and so she did - though no-one knew who won!

Quotes Edit

"Looks like I finally reached the place." (first line, landing on Kemuzou Kemumaki's flat)

"East! West! North! South!" (quoted on several occasions)

"This is frustrating!" (quoted twice, because she was unable to read maps)

"I will defeat you in our next fight, Hattori! That's for sure!" (last words to Kanzo Hattori)

"Which is the way home?!" (last line)

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