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Koga Valley

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Meet the female Ninja of Koga

Isa-yohi Kenzen was a female Koga-ninja who once fought Hattori on the rooftop of Kemuzou Kemumaki's flat.

Physical appearance Edit

Isa-yohi was tall and slim, with an athletic figure and two brown ponytails sticking out on the sides of her head. She wore blue-and-red robes and had a white headband with a mirror facing the North.

Personality Edit

Feisty Isa-yohi was a rude, quarrelsome vixen who couldn't resist a fight. While her Iga-counterpart Tsubame was touchy and sensitive, Isa-yohi was a sassy young lady with her own weapons of flower-shaped shurikens, and had a great appetite. She was, however, not very good at reading maps.

Having made two appearances, Isa-yohi had a softer side and was grateful when Hattori rescued her from a pack of stray dogs. However, for the most part, she didn't change.

Storylines Edit

Isa-yohi was a prefect at the Koga-Ninja academy, and guided the younger Kemuzou Kemumaki, and both of them eventually graduated.

One morning, Isa-yohi turned up at a crossroads in town, and she had trouble figuring out which way to go. Fortunately for her, while doing his rounds, Kagechiyo stumbled upon Isa-yohi and brought her to his master's flat. She told Kemumaki that she wanted to fight Hattori on his behalf, and so she did - though no-one knew who won!

Quotes Edit

  • "Looks like I finally reached the place." (first line, landing on Kemuzou Kemumaki's flat)
  • "East! West! North! South!" (quoted on several occasions)
  • "This is frustrating!" (quoted twice, because she was unable to read maps)
  • "I will defeat you in our next fight, Hattori! That's for sure!" (last words to Kanzo Hattori)
  • "Which is the way home?!" (last line)