When Shinzo falls ill, Mrs Mitsuba starts fussing over him and forgets about Kenichi, Hattori, Kentaru and Shishimaru.

Mrs Mitsuba provides her ministrations to Kenichi and Shinzo

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Kenichi, Shinzo and Shishimaru are playing together when Shinzo suddenly falls ill. Mrs Mitsuba confines him to bed, but in all the tension, she forgets about Hattori, Shishimaru, and worst of all, her own son! Bustling around, she tells Hattori and the gang to make instant noodles while giving Shinzo an extra large noodle soup.

Later on, Kenichi expresses his jealousy for all the attention that Shinzo is getting. Hattori, despite his concern for his brother, half agrees. Kenichi then tries to take his mind off things by trying to practise the ninja technique of walking on water to impress Yumeko. However, this goes horribly wrong when Kenichi falls into the water and nearly drowns. Hattori rescues him, but Kenichi catches a bad cold.

Later on, Hattori apologises to Mrs Mitsuba, who forgives him. Kenichi and Shinzo share Mrs Mitsuba's ministrations while recuperating, and a lonely Mr Mitsuba drinks sake with Shishimaru while Hattori watches them sadly.

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