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Hattori introduces Jippou to Kenichi, Shinzo and Shishimaru

Jippou meets Hattori! (Jippou finally finds Hattori) (ジッポーがやってきたでござるの巻) is episode 663 of the 1981 Ninja Hattori-kun anime.

Jippou, Hattori's long-lost partner, arrives in Ega town.

Synopsis Edit

A large ninja turtle sits on the roof of a train one night. Meanwhile, in another part of the town, Kanzo, Shinzo, Shishimaru, Kenichi, Yumeko, Kagechiyo and Kemumaki watch a firework display.

Later that night, Yumeko, Kemumaki and Kagechiyo, who are walking home, encounter the giant turtle. Yumeko runs off in fright, but Kemumaki and Kagechiyo stay where they are and fight back - however the turtle defeats them. Intimidated, they run back to their flat. Hattori and the gang turn up. The turtle immediately drops his violent side and runs to hug Hattori. Hattori, once released from his crushing embrace, reveals the identity of the turtle - he is Jippou, his old partner. A flashback arises, which shows four-year-old Hattori training. He then jumps on to what seems like a rock - but instead he encounters a giant turtle. The five of them go back home singing their song, Jippou carrying Shinzo and Shishimaru.

Back at home, Mr and Mrs Mitsuba tell Kenichi off for coming home late. Then they see the giant turtle and scream with fear (Mrs Mitsuba's scream resembling one you'd hear in a horror movie.) Jippou then guzzles all the food and burps with enough force to send everyone tumbling to the ground, while Hattori urges Mr and Mrs Mitsuba to bear it.

Synopsis Edit

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