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Kemuzou Kemumaki

Also known as

Kiyo/Kio (Indian name)

Permanent residence

Kemuzou Kemumaki's flat

First appearance

The fruit thief

Voiced by

Eiko Yamada


Kagechiyo in the manga

Kagechiyo (影千代) is Kemuzou Kemumaki's ninja cat.

Storylines Edit

Kagechiyo was sent on a mission to steal fruits for his master. He did so, but young Kenichi Mitsuba was framed for the thefts. He was eventually exposed and got told off by Kemumaki.

Physical appearance Edit

Kagechiyo is a black and white cat with the Koga ninja symbol on his forehead. He also has rather large teeth and speaks in a shrill, hoarse voice. Additionally, he has a scarf, which he sees as a lucky charm.

Personality and traits Edit


Kagechiyo in the 2012 anime

Kagechiyo is a fierce, gung-ho warrior and a cheeky chappy, often working as Kemumaki's messenger. He often fights alongside his master and is mostly loyal to him. However, Kagechiyo is not as evil as his boss and sometimes helps Hattori with his missions.

Kagechiyo can be superstitious, wearing a scarf for luck.

He also has a habit of singing when in a good mood, and like most cats, likes eating fish.

Relationships Edit

Master Edit

Kagechiyo and Kemumaki have a generally good relationship, looking out for each other and fighting
Kemo monkey kio

Kagechiyo tries to console his master

together. However, Kemumaki is irked by Kagechiyo's somewhat talkative nature. He also can be overbearing towards Kagechiyo and makes him do all the housework.

Hattori, Shinzo and Shishimaru Edit

Hattori doesn't really like Kagechiyo, given that he serves the Koga ninjas. However, he does help him at times, as does his brother Shinzo.

Given that Shishimaru is a dog, he and Kagechiyo are perfect enemies, often taking part in their own duels.

Kenichi, Yumeko and the Mitsubas Edit

Kenichi dislikes Kagechiyo and is mostly prone to his bothering. However, seeing that Yumeko and Mr and Mrs Mitsuba do not know Kemumaki for what he is, they generally treat him well, much to the annoyance of Kenichi.

Quotes Edit

  • ''Yes Kemumaki boss! Diring Diring!'' (catchphrase)

Skills Edit

  • Generating electricity: Kagechiyo is good at generating electricity, but only to a limit.
  • Ninja Techniques: Kagechiyo is relatively good at Ninja Techniques, often using them to fight alongside Kemumaki.