Kagechiyo is sick and tired of Kemumaki's treatment of him and longs to be a pet cat. 

Yumeko presents Kagechiyo with a bell


Kagechiyo, who is going for a walk in the neighbourhood, gazes longingly at all the cats who are being cared for by their owners. He then wishes that he were a pet himself. Later on, in the countryside, he dreams about life as a pet. Yumeko then turns up with a collar, with a bell attached to it. The cat then takes it and thanks Yumeko endlessly.

Later on at the flats, Kagechiyo parades around, but Kemumaki rudely throws the collar off the balcony. Kagechiyo then retrieves the collar and expresses his "hatred" for Kemumaki.

After a while, Kemumaki and Kagechiyo argue while on the way to Yumeko's. Kagechiyo then flees, with Kemumaki in pursuit. He jumps into Yumeko's room and takes refuge. Hattori and the gang are also around, playing cards. When the cranky cat meets them, he expresses how he wants to be a pet. Hattori then takes Kagechiyo with him but they come across Kemumaki. Hattori then gets into a fierce row with Kemumaki.

Later on, Kemumaki tries to escape, but gets captured by some crows. Kagechiyo then saves Kemumaki, with Hattori's assistance. They apologise to each other and Kagechiyo gets his collar back. However, in the epilogue, Hattori apprehends Kagechiyo from breaking into the house after hearing his bell.