Kio Electric Supply Company Ltd. (Kio's supplies electricity) (影千代電力株式会社の巻) is episode 527 of the Ninja Hattori-kun 1981 anime.

When Kemumaki exploits Kagechiyo's work as a static electrician, Hattori and the gang must help him. 
Bloody hell

Kagechiyo messes up

Synopsis Edit

One evening, the power goes out at the Mitsuba family's house. As they anguish without electricity, Kagechiyo powers the pressure cooker to make rice for Kemumaki's dinner, using his skill at static electricity. This gives Kemumaki a nasty idea...

Next morning, Kagechiyo goes around doing odd electric jobs around town, and Kemumaki gets all the rewards. When Kemumaki forces Kagechiyo to work faster, he ends up making a woman's hairdryer explode, leaving them all dazed.

Kagechiyo powers the Mitsubas' vacuum cleaner, for which Mrs Mitsuba gives Kemumaki a bar of chocolate. He then makes Kagechiyo power a treadmill for a very fat lady. After many more endeavours, he leaves. Kagechiyo, who has suddenly lost a considerable amount of weight, tells him that he needs to stop, but Kemumaki calls him a lazybones and makes him work some more.

Later on, Kagechiyo fishes a moment for himself and tells Hattori that he needs help. Hattori and the gang promise to do so and follow him to Yumeko's house, where Kemumaki makes him power the washing machine and Yumeko's new keyboard. As Kagechiyo moves his metal, Shishimaru, disguised as Kagechiyo, takes over and puts on too much pressure while rubbing the metal on his back. Hattori jumps into sight and throws firecrackers at the floor before numbing Kemumaki. As Kemumaki wobbles home, Kagechiyo thanks Hattori for helping him.

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Customer: (dazed; on hairdryer being blown up) Bloody hell...