Kanzo Hattori and Kemumaki Kemuzou's first duel


First ever duel between Kanzo Hattori and Kemuzou Kemumaki


Kanzo Hattori
Kemuzou Kemumaki


Kenichi Mitsuba


Kemumaki escapes

This duel occurred upon Kenichi Mitsuba's arrival at school. Kemumaki Kemuzou appeared out of nowhere and revealed his identity as a ninja from the Koga Clan.

Description Edit

The two ninjas then drew their swords and then took part in a fierce duel, while Kenichi watched in horror. After a few minutes, Kemumaki escaped, leaving his casual outfit behind.

Aftermath Edit

Mr Koike then turned up and told Hattori and Kenichi off for making noise. He then saw the clothes and thought they belonged to his nephew.

See also Edit

Kemumaki (episode)

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