Ninja Hattori Hindi-Amara Ka Naya Haircut

Ninja Hattori Hindi-Amara Ka Naya Haircut

Eager to impress Yumeko, Kemumaki pops into the hairdresser's for a while. However, it turns out that Kenichi is pretending to be the hairdresser - and Hattori is helping him! 

Kenichi gets ready to bother Kemumaki...

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One afternoon, when Yumeko tells Kemumaki and Kenichi that she is going to a beauty salon to have her hair done, the boys row over having their own haircuts and Kenichi says that he will have a haircut of his own. This gives Kemumaki a nasty idea...

Later that afternoon, Kenichi asks Mrs Mitsuba for money. Mrs Mitsuba is initially hesitant, but gives him a few hundred Yen. Kenichi is annoyed when Shinzo and Shishimaru try to shave his hair off with a pair of shears, but Hattori tells them to stop bothering Kenichi. The two then stroll off to the hairdresser's.

Upon reaching the salon, the elderly hairdresser prepares to go out, so asks Kenichi to keep an eye on things while he's away, to which he agrees. Not long after, Kemumaki pops in, ready for a haircut. While Hattori pretends to be Kemumaki's reflection, while Kenichi dresses up as a replacement barber. While Hattori keeps Kemumaki's tufted hair on, Kenichi shaves Kemumaki's head and makes him bald, before painting the grey remainder black and putting an artificial tuft on. As Kemumaki leaves, it begins to rain and Kemumaki's "hair" is washed off. He is embarrassed.

Next morning, Kenichi goes to school, in perpetual fear of being discovered by Kemumaki. When he finds him though, he is still bald - but is being complimented on his cut by Yumeko. Kenichi is relieved.

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