Kenichi's Baseball Match (Baseball Ninja Style) (見たか知ったかハットリ打法の巻) is episode 7 of the 1981 Ninja Hattori-kun anime

Kenichi is having a hard time getting ready for the big baseball match - but thanks to Hattori's strong will, Kenichi is all prepared for a home run! 

Kenichi's attempt to hit the ball fails dismally


Kenichi is getting ready for a baseball match. There, he meets Yumeko Kawai, who wishes him good luck. At the waste ground, Kenichi practises, but keeps failing. He wonders why bad things always happen to him. Then Hattori comes and helps out. Things don't go well. Hattori then comes up with an idea. He shows Kenichi a bean and says that when you concentrate on it, it appears to be about ten times larger than it actually is. Kenichi accepts this advice and tries it out. He looks at the bean non - stop when he gets home, even staying up past eleven in the night.

The next morning, he sees a giant bean, which gives him a bit of a scare. Mrs Mitsuba, who has just arrived, is also shaken, and Kenichi is extremely proud of himself - but then the bean is revealed to be a fake. This prompts Kenichi to drop the idea of playing, but Hattori then disguises himself in Kenichi's attire plus a face mask (because Mrs Mitsuba lied to the players that he was under the weather).

At the waste ground, the captain and the other players are unpleasantly surprised to see Kenichi. Yumeko and her cronies are also watching. Hattori plays amid insults to Kenichi (including the captain calling him a "four eyes"). Suddenly Kenichi arrives. Hattori escapes and leaves Kenichi his baseball uniform. A nervous Kenichi scores the winning home run for his team. Everyone, including Yumeko, runs onto the pitch to congratulate Kenichi. Even the captain is pleased. Everyone is pleased - including Hattori, who is watching.


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