Yumeko's personal invitation (夢子ちゃんの手作りご招待の巻) is episode 301 of the Ninja Hattori-kun 1981 anime.

Kenichi practices eating with forks and spoons so he and Kemumaki can turn up at a dinner party at Yumeko's. 

Kenichi tries out eating rice

Synopsis Edit

Kenichi and Kemumaki are walking home with Yumeko. Yumeko then tells them that she is having a dinner party at her house, organised by herself. The boys are enthusiastic about turning up, but when Yumeko leaves, they start bickering about experience with eating with Western cutlery (because that is Yumeko's theme).

Later on, Kenichi confides in Hattori, who promises to help him. He strolls into the city, where he finds Yumeko. He silently follows her, and sees her buying cabbages and rice. Hattori then goes home and tells Kenichi that he instinctively knows that she needs cabbages for cabbage rolls.

At the dinner table, Mrs Mitsuba prepares cabbage rolls, soup and pickles. He then eats the rolls, but chews too loudly, and Mrs Mitsuba gently reproves him. He then eats the pickles, and his mouth catches fire. Hattori knows that he has trouble eating with Western cutlery (he had trouble eating the soup, too), and off-screen, he helps him.

The next evening, Kenichi and Kemumaki (dressed in their best jackets and ties) are at Yumeko's house. Yumeko gives them the pickles, and they state that they're too spicy. They ask for rolls, but Yumeko says she isn't preparing them until the following day, so the boys flee.

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