The Mitsuba family's house


Kentaru Mitsuba (co-owner)
Mrs Mitsuba (co-owner)

Permanent residents

Kenichi Mitsuba
Kanzo Hattori
Shinzo Hattori
Kentaru Mitsuba
Mrs Mitsuba

The Mitsuba family's house is a tan two - storey house which has a doorway, a kitchen, a bathroom, a room where Mr and Mrs Mitsuba sleep and a living room downstairs, while upstairs it has another bathroom, a balcony and one bedroom, Kenichi's room, which has a bed, a study table, a television, a bookshelf and sometimes has mats when Shinzou and Shishimaru sleep in the room, or when Kenichi invited Kagechiyo, Yumeko and Kemumaki for a sleepover. Kanzo and Shinzo sleep in the attic which has a rope ladder. Kenichi also joins them when the four of them have meetings. The garden has a pond and a kennel for Shishimaru. The garage is also seen.

Views of the house Edit

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