Kenichi Mitsuba
Personal information
Name in Other Language(s): 三葉ケン一
Alias: Kenichi-kun
Gender: Male
Personality: Stubborn, determined to win his girl, whiny, caring, lazy, cowardly but loyal
Likes: Having Hattori go to school in place of him
Wining Yumeko over longtime rival Kemumaki
messing with Kemumaki
Dislikes: Studying
Getting bad marks
Family(s): Kanzo Hattori (foster brother)
Shinzo Hattori (foster brother)
Kentaru Mitsuba (father)
Mrs Mitsuba (mother)
Friends: Kanzo Hattori
Shinzo Hattori
Yumeko Kawai (love interest)
Kemuzou Kemumaki(occasionally)
Kagechiyo (occasionally)
Tsubame (occasionally)
Rivals: Kemuzou Kemumaki
Kanzo Hattori (occasionally)
Political & Chronological Info
Occupation: Student
Paperboy (occasionally)
Photographer for the school magazine (occasionally)
Age: 12
First Appearance: Ninja Hattori-kun Anime (1981) Episode 1 :I am a Ninja
More Information
Height: 142 cm (4 feet and 8 inches)
Weight: 42 kg
Love Interest(s): Yumeko Kawai
Favourite Food: Cakes, Donuts
Actors: voice: Masako Sugaya, drama actor: Katsumi Takamiya, live-action film actor: Yuri Chinen

Kenichi in the manga

Kenichi Mitsuba (三葉ケン一 Mitsuba Kenichi) is a 12-year-old boy who goes to primary school. His parents are Mr and Mrs Mitsuba. He often gets low marks in his exams. He is in love with Yumeko Kawai, however arch rival Kemuzou Kemumaki is always after her.


Ninja Hattori-kun (1981 Anime)Edit

One day, while watching a ninja movie on TV, he encounters Kanzo Hattori, a real ninja, at his window. His family decides to foster him and from there, they became friends. He frequently asks Hattori to help him in any situation. He frequently tries to cheat with the help of his foster brother, just to prove that Kemumaki is a loser.

Physical Appearance Edit

Kenichi is tall and has a slightly stocky build. He wears black square shaped spectacles and has small black eyes. Most of the time, he wears a light blue T - shirt with red and yellow stripes on it, dark green shorts and a white cap with a "K" on it. His pyjamas consist of a striped blue and grey nightshirt and matching trousers.

Personality Edit

Kenichi is quite clumsy and often messes up. He does very poorly in his studies and often gets low marks. He doesn't follow his parents' advice properly and often gets into trouble. Though he doesn't study well, Kenichi always has a kind heart and helps people in need. He is mostly Kemumaki's prey. Kenichi is also very much in love with Yumeko. Kenichi is innocent and gets cheated easily. Kenichi often employs the help of Shinzo and Shishimaru in helping him solve his problems. Kenichi hates homework. He is also insecure and lacks confidence. 

Kenichi is also bugged by others, particularly Hattori, to be a "man". This just goes on to show that Kenichi is mostly the butt of a joke.

Quotes Edit

  • 'That Kemumaki's always trying to impress Yumeko!' (when Kemumaki tries to seduce Yumeko)
  • 'Hattori!' (catchphrase)


  • Kenichi dislikes carrots and tomatoes.
  • Kenichi spoke the very first line in the show.
  • Kenichi is based on 'Nobita Nobi', a main character from the series, Doraemon
  • He was voiced by Masako Sugaya and then Vanilla Yamazaki.
  • Kenichi considers Hattori as a brother.
  • Kenichi always gets upset when Kemumaki gets away with Yumeko.

Skills Edit

Life Skills: Kenichi isn't very good at life skills, possibly because of his lack of confidence.

Sports: Kenichi isn't very good at sports, also because of his lack of confidence.

Etymology Edit

Kenichi or Ken'ichi is a common masculine name in Japan.

Mitsuba either comes from Mitsuba Mitsuba (aka Japanese parsley) or partly from Mitsubishi, a Japanese carmaker.


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