Kenichi and Hattori go on a Picnic (A Drive In The Country) (ドライブはお気軽にの巻) is episode 177 of the 1981 Ninja Hattori-kun anime.

Kenichi, Hattori, Shinzo, Shishimaru, and Mr and Mrs Mitsuba go out on a picnic. 

The family cruise down the motorway

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Mr Mitsuba is polishing the car's wing mirrors, getting ready for an outing. Kenichi impatiently asks if Mrs Mitsuba has finished with the rice yet, and Mrs Mitsuba says no, then fumes that the rice is taking forever to finish. Mr Mitsuba then tells her to forget about the rice.

Just as the Mitsubas are about to get into the car, they forget that Hattori and Shinzo haven't turned up - when the brothers march out of the door, bindles, trunks and rucksacks slung over their bodies. Mr Mitsuba asks them why they have got such a lot of luggage, and Hattori says that they've got the essentials for a long journey.

Later on, the Mitsubas get stuck in traffic on the motorway. Kenichi and Shinzo bicker about the traffic, and Hattori gets out of the car to see what all the fuss is about. When he reaches the head of the traffic, he sees that about fifty chickens have jumped out of a lorry. Hattori sorts them back in, and receives a lot of praise from the drivers of the vehicles on the motorway.

Later, Hattori gets back into the car and the trip goes underway. Mr Mitsuba is driving through a remote forest when - BANG. The car gets a flat tyre. Hattori then goes into the forest with Shinzo and Shishimaru, and they come back with a wooden cart. Hattori attaches the cart to the busted automobile, then pulls the cart along the dirt road. He then breaks into a run when he realises that there is a traffic jam behind them - and drags the entire Mitsuba family with him.

Finally, the party enters a clearing. Mr Mitsuba replaces the tyre and the gang get ready to roll again - when Mr Mitsuba realises that something is wrong with the engine after the car refuses to start. He, Kenichi and Mrs Mitsuba bicker about not having food, when Hattori prepares some rice cakes. As Kenichi, Shishimaru and their parents chow down, Hattori and Shinzo rush into the city to fetch a mechanic.

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Mrs Mitsuba said to Kenichi, "But you were the one who wanted to outside, honey," when she was meant to say "But you were the one who wanted to go outside, honey,".