Kentaru Mitsuba
Kentaru Mitsuba Editon


Office representative


Mrs Mitsuba (wife)
Kenichi Mitsuba (son)
Kanzo Hattori and Shinzo Hattori (foster sons)




Over 60 kilograms

Permanent residence

Mitsuba family's house

First appearance

I am a Ninja

Kentaru Mitsuba (三葉ケンたる) is the father of Kenichi Mitsuba, husband of Mrs Mitsuba and a workaholic. He likes smoking, drinking sake, eating, singing karaoke and playing golf.

Physical Appearance Edit

Kentaru is short and plump, as opposed to his wife, who is of average height and much slimmer than her husband. When at home, he wears a blue dressing gown with a belt, but when at work, he wears a brown coat, a white shirt, a blue tie, brown trousers, brown shoes and a brown and gold belt. He has short hair and thick eyebrows.

Personality Edit

Kentaru is a light drinker and sometimes gets absent-minded, but he is always with his family to support them and give them some money. Although he gets angry like everybody else, he isn't as short-tempered as his wife.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Kentaru appears to be on good terms with his family, and although he seldom has much time, he does try to spend time with them (for instance, when he showed his new Android off to Hattori and the gang). He is in an affectionate relationship with his wife, but they do tend to quabble a bit, once when they argue about the car breaking down; Kentaru makes his wife cry after snapping at her that he doesn't care about how her friends' husbands' treat them.

Kentaru is close to Kenichi, but he can lose his temper with him for getting low marks. In one episode, he, Kenichi and Shinzo had a bit of a tiff over an electronic logic game.

Hattori and Shinzo Edit

Kentaru gets on well with Hattori and Shinzo, but he can be strict with them. In one episode he loses his confidence because he feels that Hattori is more important than him; Hattori however got him back to normal.

Other Ninjas Edit

Kentaru sees Tsubame as a good homemaker and relishes her food. He is, however, like his wife, misled by Kemumaki's pretending to be a goody-goody-two-shoes.

Yumeko Kawai Edit

Kentaru isn't seen talking to Yumeko often, though they presumably have a good relationship.

History Edit

Kentaru met a young woman whom he soon married. They had a
24.mp4 snapshot 05.18 -2017.04.29 19.30.17-

Young Kentaru ties the knot

son, Kenichi, and soon fostered ninjas Kanzo and Shinzo Hattori, as well as taking in their dog Shishimaru. Having left their hometown, they started viewing Kentaru as their own father.

Quotes Edit

  • "Outta my way!" (first lines, before crashing into his son Kenichi)

Portrayal Edit

Kentaru was voiced by Yuzuru Fujimoto.

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