This is a list of Ninja Hattori minor characters.

School Students Edit

The school students are classmates of Kenichi, Yumeko and Kemumaki. The female ones are friends with Yumeko and Kemumaki. When Kenichi sleep, talks or makes a mistake in his schoolwork, they laugh (sometimes with the exception of Yumeko).

Thieves Edit

They are seen in a few episodes, stealing and robbing. In the episode Policeman for a day, Kenichi led a wild - goose chase to catch a thief, and in the end, handcuffed him (along with Shishimaru). They are seen in a few episodes (such as Shishimaru runs away from home) being caught by dogs and being arrested.

Townspeople Edit

The townspeople are mostly seen shopping or strolling along the roads. In one episode, a lot of ladies were fighting at the market, though Hattori organised them. In another, a painter was putting signposts on the wall and walked off - Hattori trapped him with his Ninja Stars.

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