This article provides a list of some of the episodes of the 1981 Ninja Hattori-kun anime.


1. I Am A Ninja

2. Hattori saves Kenichi from his teacher

3. Let's earn some money

4. Shishimaru Arrives

5. Target to Get A Hundred Marks

6. Mum and Dad's wedding anniversary

7. Kenichi's Baseball Match

8. A villain in the vicinity

9. Shinzō Arrives

10. Hattori bothers Mr Koike

11. Handling Shinzō

12. Weird visitors

13. Horror Games

14. To Catch A Thief

15. Treating Laziness

16. The UFO

17. Ninja Fixed Body Technique

18. Work Hard Without Any Effort

19. Where's Shinzo?

20. The Worst Star

21. The garden of cocoa

22. Ninja House

23. Shishimaru Disappeared

24. Looking for a Small Autumn

25. My Hike

26. Difficult to Understand the Girl's Mind

27. The Chosen Prize

28. Fishing For Snappers in an Old Pond

29. Who is the Owner

30. Father Came Home Early

31. Good Performance Cigarette

32. Potato Frenzy

33. Sending the Forgotten Things

34. Father's Weight Loss Battle

35. Shinkansen Hide and Seek

36. Crisp Gold

37. Tit for Tat

38. Ninja Cat Manipulation Technique

39. Shishimaru Becomes Dodge Ball

40. I Just Can't Stand Babysitting

41. Challenge the Ninja Shadow Sneak Technique

42. Dogs and Cats Evenly Divided

43. The Ninja That Does Not Speak

44. Earthquake Strikes

45. Looking for Special Seeds

46. Skating Rink Big Commotion

47. Shishimaru Ate a Diamond

48. Defeat Tooth Decay

49. Ninja Bird Call Technique

50. Housekeeping

64. The Identity of the Scary Voice

65. The Egg's Parent is Kagechiyo?

66. The Body Replacement Technique Frenzy

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