This article provides a list of some of the episodes of the 2012 Ninja Hattori-kun anime.

(Note: The following episodes are not in order. Any inconvenience is regretted. Additionally, this is just a temporary page holder, and separate pages will be made soon.)

Episodes Edit

The runaway clothes Edit

A breeze blows the laundry away - and Hattori and the gang go on a mission to retrieve them.

The spies Edit

Shinzo and Shishimaru spy on Kagechiyo.

Sensei's homework effect Edit

The class of 5B are given too much homework by Koike sensei and Hattori, Kenichi and Kemumaki join forces and try to stop all the homework from being given.

The advantages of being a child Edit

Mr Mitsuba is in a bad mood and Hattori casts a ninja spell on him to act like a child - but Kenichi, Shinzo and Shishimaru are also cast by the spell. It's up to Hattori to save the day!

The new bike Edit

Hattori fixes Kenichi's faulty bicycle - but once again he finds himself at odds with Kemumaki over who can impress Yumeko!

Hattori catches the hiccups Edit

Hattori catches the hiccups and causes earthquakes. The Mitsubas try to cure Hattori - but they're unsuccessful. It's Shinzo and Shishimaru to the rescue!

Mum takes the wheel Edit

When Mr Mitsuba is unable to drive the family to the amusement park, Mrs Mitsuba steps in. From a petrol shortage to a rocky off - road rumble, Mrs Mitsuba takes Kenichi, Shinzo, Hattori and Shishimaru on a rollercoaster ride they'd never forget!

Hattori and Shinzo's brotherly bonds Edit

Hattori and Shinzo have an argument - will they ever reconcile?

The ninja master Edit

Hattori notices that Shinzo and Shishimaru are becoming lazier than usual - so he tricks them into thinking that the ninja master has come which becomes a wild goose chase all around town.

Mum's birthdayEdit

Kenichi and the gang prepare a surprise birthday party for Mrs Mitsuba.

The submarinesEdit

Hattori and Kemumaki make their rival submarines and go for an underwater ride, taking their companions with each other on the companion's leader's submarine.

A camping we will go Edit

Hattori, Shinzo and Shishimaru join Kenichi, Yumeko, Kemumaki, Kagechiyo and Mr Koike on a camping trip to the forest. But Kemumaki's pranks lead to trouble!

Kenichi goes jogging Edit

Kenichi decides to go jogging to exercise his body. However, Kemumaki is with him too!

The battle of the golf balls Edit

In a bid to see who impresses Yumeko, Kenichi and Kemumaki play golf.

Kenichi gives a gift Edit

After Yumeko gets a chance to play the violin in the upcoming school concert, Kenichi tries to give Yumeko a gift with Hattori's help - but it's more than they bargained for!

Jungle trek for the pendant Edit

Mrs Mitsuba loses her pendant in the jungle and Hattori and the gang go on a hike to search for it.

Shishimaru Became Kagemaru Edit

Main article: Shishimaru Became Kagemaru

Ninja laid back technique Edit

After Kenichi is in hot water with his mum for scoring very low marks in his exams, Shinzo tries to save the day - and gets into even hotter water!

The Seven Haunting Wonders Edit

There is a legend that there are seven haunting wonders in school that happen at night. Everyone is shocked by the first six wonders - but not as much as the seventh, when a ghost appears in the form of a friend! And that ghost took the form of Yumeko, who had a bad cold and was unable to come with the gang.

Here comes Robert Edit

A friendly but no - nonsense American ninja named Robert comes to town to seek advice from Hattori.

The new Android Edit

Everyone is smitten with Mr Mitsuba's Android smartphone - but it soon starts to cause trouble.

The spirit of the inn Edit

A trip to an inn goes rather dodgy when the family car breaks down. Luckily, Hattori and the gang have got company of the ghost of a lively young girl!

Mrs Mitsuba's health mission Edit

Mrs Mitsuba starts to eat healthy, practise yoga and become increasingly concerned about her appearance after she sees a wrinkle on her face.

The new Ninja Edit

Koga-born Isa-yohi comes to town to fight Hattori.

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