"No one can beat me!" says Hattori29th FebruaryA New Ninja Technique
A Perfect ScoreA space tripA trip to Mount Fuji
A trip to the ski lodgeAbracadabraAiko-sensei
Ama MitsubaBattle of the two HattorisBowling
Brown Girl in the RingChocolate RollsDad's Boss
Dad delivers a speechDad visits the schoolDoing 1000 Times More Homework is Tough!
Duel on the raftsDumplingsEga town
Eiko YamadaEverybody goes for a picnicFake Hattori creates havoc
Fight against tooth decayFroggish LoveGrandma
GrandpaHamburger HattoriHattori's New Friend
Hattori's missing weaponHattori's photographic pranksHattori's working technique
Hattori and Shinzou's mumHattori and his doppelgängersHattori and the gang go to the carnival
Hattori at workHattori bothers Mr KoikeHattori breaks his leg
Hattori doesn't like to waste foodHattori familyHattori hatches the egg
Hattori in the futureHattori saves Kenichi from his teacherHattori the caterer
Hide 'n seek on the bullet trainHonesty is the best policyHoneybee Boost
I Just Can't Stand BabysittingI am a NinjaIsa-yohi
It's fun to have guests on New Year's EveJinchu HattoriJippou
Jippou meets Hattori!Junko HoriKagechiyo
Kagechiyo Wants To Be A Pet CatKagechiyo becomes a scrubberKaneta Kimotsuki
Kanzo HattoriKanzo Hattori and Kemumaki Kemuzou's first duelKawai family
Kemumaki (episode)Kemumaki disguises as HattoriKemumaki fakes ill
Kemumaki has a haircutKemuzou KemumakiKemuzou Kemumaki's flat
Kenichi's Baseball MatchKenichi's Western style mealKenichi's house
Kenichi's older BrotherKenichi's problematic footKenichi's uncle
Kenichi MitsubaKenichi OgataKenichi Rings the New Year bells
Kenichi and Hattori disguise as a manKenichi and mankindKenichi becomes independent
Kenichi fakes illKenichi flies a broomstickKenichi flies in the sky
Kenichi gets 100Kenichi goes to the futureKenichi has a dream
Kenichi is late for schoolKenichi practices meditationKenichi tells a story
Kenichi tells the truthKenichi the bandleaderKenichi the folk dancer
Kenichi the paperboyKenichi tries Ninja TechniquesKentaru Mitsuba
Kimono draping troubleKoike-senseiLet's go to the movies
Let's make a raft out of empty cansList of Ninja Hattori CharactersList of Ninja Hattori minor characters
List of episodes (1981 anime)List of episodes (2012 anime)Locations
Maestro KenichiMama's FavourtismManage things yourself
Masako SugayaMiss Aiko's rabbitMiss Aiko is leaving!
Mitsuba familyMom takes us for a rideMoney Money Money
Mr. KawaiMr. Koike's motherMrs. Kawai
Mrs. OkiyamaMrs. YamanoMrs Mitsuba's lottery
Mum Becomes the PTA ChairwomanMum and Dad's wedding anniversaryMum becomes a novelist
Mum is worried about her weightMum knows bestMum learns Ninja Techniques
My name is my identityNinjaNinja Hattori-kun
Ninja Hattori-kun (Video Game)Ninja Hattori-kun (anime)Ninja Hattori-kun (manga)
Ninja Hattori - The MovieNinja Hattori WikiNinja Hattori theme song
Ninja Technique of PhotoshoppingNinja Technique of Sky CameraNinja Technique of rabbit ears
Ninja TechniquesNinja technique of AyetsuriNinja technique of blowing leaves onto yourself
Ninja technique of ninja puppetNinja technique of teleportationNo Chocolate Rolls for Shishimaru
Pipi the canaryPoliceman for a dayPotato Frenzy
Professor ShinobinoReferences/Cameos in Ninja Hattori-kun and other mediaRobert
SakeSave your money for a snowy dayShin-chan is kidnapped!
Shinto TempleShinzo Hattori and Kemuzou Kemumaki's first duelShinzo goes shopping
Shinzo meets Father ChristmasShinzou's balloonShinzō Arrives
Shinzō HattoriShishimaruShishimaru's snore - phobia
Shishimaru ArrivesShishimaru Became KagemaruShishimaru the detective
Shishimaru the sloppy eaterSkating on the frozen lakeSkirmish at the Mitsuba house
Sleeping KemumakiSportsmeet RunSuperdad
Taking charge of the house can be a tricky job!Telly troubleTeruko Akiyama
The Bicycle RaceThe Cheering FlagThe Eating Competition
The Egg's Parent is Kagechiyo?The Family CarThe Ninja Treasure
The Ride In The CloudsThe UFOThe ants and the grasshoppers
The broken statueThe cannonball duels between Kanzo Hattori and Kemuzou KemumakiThe cold water challenge
The crow who breaks the fourth wallThe curse of Valentine's dayThe dolphin show
The electronic gameThe fruit thiefThe garden of cocoa
The girl with the feuding petsThe heat contestThe jumper trick
The long - awaited Shinobi OudanThe mind of a ladyThe missing book
The mysterious giftThe mysterious guestThe new Ninja
The new teacherThe phone-a-holicThe skateboard race
The sleepoverThe snow queenThe story of the laundrette
The wild, wild westTogeijirouTogeijirou, the cactus with supernatural powers
Tomatoes and Carrots are my favourites!TsubameTsubame Arrives
Tsubame leavesUnnamed SchoolVehicles
We shall overcomeWhen sword-fighting became a baneYuki Okiyama
Yuko MitaYumeko's grandfatherYumeko Kawai
Yumeko Kawai's house
File:10.mp4 snapshot 00.38 -2017.04.15 23.31.24-.jpgFile:112.jpgFile:113.jpg
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File:2017-03-19 18-24-43.mp4 snapshot 08.05 -2017.03.19 18.46.28-.jpgFile:2017-03-19 18-24-43.mp4 snapshot 08.08 -2017.03.19 18.46.36-.jpgFile:24.mp4 snapshot 05.18 -2017.04.29 19.30.17-.jpg
File:24.mp4 snapshot 05.26 -2017.04.29 19.29.51-.jpgFile:24.mp4 snapshot 05.27 -2017.04.29 19.30.01-.jpgFile:2lywlje3jk37a34eerwyk6lsgyeqmisp hq.jpg
File:2m6k7qh.pngFile:3.mkv snapshot 11.04 -2017.05.14 13.33.27-.pngFile:30.mp4 snapshot 08.58 -2017.04.22 06.59.46-.jpg
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File:38.mkv snapshot 14.33 -2017.05.20 15.59.45-.pngFile:38.mp4 snapshot 11.25 -2017.04.21 22.28.59-.jpgFile:38.mp4 snapshot 11.27 -2017.04.21 22.29.07-.jpg
File:38.mp4 snapshot 11.50 -2017.04.22 08.30.05-.jpgFile:40.mkv snapshot 10.55 -2017.05.24 16.57.23-.pngFile:4028885.png
File:49.mp4 snapshot 01.36 -2017.04.22 09.50.47-.jpgFile:52416756.jpgFile:68fb6983-1900-489e-919f-8f3c49873c90.png
File:7.mp4 snapshot 12.30 2017.04.15 23.20.52.jpgFile:9.mp4 snapshot 00.18 -2017.04.15 23.27.18-.jpgFile:Abba - Money, Money, Money
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File:C img05.jpgFile:C img06.jpgFile:C img07.jpg
File:C img08.jpgFile:Capture.JPGFile:Chara hattori.gif
File:Chara kagetiyo.gifFile:Chara kemumaki.gifFile:Chara keniti.gif
File:Chara koike.gifFile:Chara sinzou.gifFile:Chara sisimaru.gif
File:Chara yumeko.gifFile:Chars!.jpgFile:Chart.png
File:Dad1.pngFile:Dad2.pngFile:Doraemon ninjahattori.jpg
File:Example.jpgFile:Favicon.icoFile:Fireworks 1.jpg
File:Fireworks 2.jpgFile:Forum new.gifFile:Girl 1.png
File:Girl 2.pngFile:Girl 3.pngFile:Girl 4.png
File:Girl 5.pngFile:Girl 6.pngFile:Han.png
File:Hattori chicken eggs.jpgFile:Hattori train.jpgFile:Hattorii.png
File:Kenichi 1.pngFile:Kenichii.JPGFile:Kentaru Mitsuba Editon.png
File:Kiyo.jpgFile:Love 1.pngFile:Mitsuba car.png
File:Mom (1).pngFile:Mom (2).pngFile:Mom (3).png
File:Mom (4).pngFile:Mom (5).pngFile:Mom (6).png
File:Money Money Money by ABBA in Ninja Hattori - English India dub - songFile:Mother.JPGFile:Mrskh1.png
File:Ninja-hattori-kun.jpgFile:Ninja 1.jpgFile:Ninja 2.jpg
File:Ninja 3.jpgFile:Ninja Hatori Opening JAPANESE WITH LYRICSFile:Ninja Hattori-kun (1981) - 001+002+003 - English India dub -ATTKC--1EB12A48-.mkv snapshot 00.53 -2017.03.24 18.44.23-.jpg
File:Ninja Hattori-kun (1981) - 001+002+003 - English India dub -ATTKC--1EB12A48-.mkv snapshot 06.03 -2017.05.01 20.46.29-.pngFile:Ninja Hattori-kun (1981) - 001+002+003 - English India dub -ATTKC--1EB12A48-.mkv snapshot 07.18 -2017.05.07 18.34.41-.pngFile:Ninja Hattori-kun (1981) - 001+002+003 - English India dub -ATTKC--1EB12A48-.mkv snapshot 09.56 -2017.03.24 18.46.34-.jpg
File:Ninja Hattori-kun (1981) - 001+002+003 - English India dub -ATTKC--1EB12A48-.mkv snapshot 15.40 -2017.05.09 21.12.06-.pngFile:Ninja Hattori-kun (1981) - 004+005+006 - English India dub -ATTKC--EDF26536-.mkv snapshot 01.16 -2017.03.27 21.25.27-.jpgFile:Ninja Hattori-kun (1981) - 004+005+006 - English India dub -ATTKC--EDF26536-.mkv snapshot 08.29 -2017.03.24 17.50.03-.jpg
File:Ninja Hattori-kun (1981) - 007+008+009 - English India dub -ATTKC--E5A125FD-.mkv snapshot 12.50 -2017.03.27 21.28.11-.jpgFile:Ninja Hattori - Episode 560 (English)-ZQU6eRKGQEk.mp4 snapshot 01.53 -2017.03.24 18.41.27-.jpgFile:Ninja Hattori title card.png
File:Ninja hattori Nick English powerful funny cartoon episode 08 11 16 part 2-HAwvDy9xZ3w.mp4 snapshot 07.41 -2017.03.27 22.46.15-.jpgFile:Ninja hattori manga original.jpgFile:Ninja hattori nick Hd+ Tv English channel enjoyment cartoon story 30 oct 16 part 1-SsDSjOdVW4E.mp4 snapshot 03.19 -2017.04.30 14.22.34-.png
File:Ninja hattori nick Tv English channel wonderful cartoon hit story 28 oct 16 part 1-geYndU92ZtE.mp4 snapshot 01.28 -2017.03.27 22.12.05-.jpgFile:Ninja hattori nick Tv English channel wonderful cartoon hit story 28 oct 16 part 1-geYndU92ZtE.mp4 snapshot 03.49 -2017.03.27 22.12.28-.jpgFile:Ninja hattori nick Tv English channel wonderful cartoon hit story 28 oct 16 part 1-geYndU92ZtE.mp4 snapshot 04.34 -2017.03.27 22.13.01-.jpg
File:Ninja hattori nick tv english channel wonderful cartoon hit story 27 oct 16 part 1-rJai0ISkk8w.mp4 snapshot 00.04 -2017.03.27 22.08.02-.jpgFile:Ninja perman.jpgFile:Ninjahattoriandkenichi.jpg
File:No Image.pngFile:Nobitas ninja training20160208052728cfes.jpgFile:Ph01.png
File:Ph02.pngFile:Professor Shinobino.JPGFile:Scared 1.png
File:Shinchan shishimaru.jpgFile:Shishi.jpgFile:Shishimaru.png
File:Shuriken.gifFile:Tsu.jpgFile:Tsubame 1.png
File:Tvasahi-ninjahattori s2-Full-Image GalleryBackground-hi-IN-1488236675667. RI V5mzvnFFQAQADg0HJIG6kAI4j24XJ3 TTW SX1920 .jpgFile:User249208 pic121204 1283469447.jpgFile:VS!.jpg
File:Wiki.pngFile:Win1.pngFile:Yumeko (1).png
File:Yumeko (2).pngFile:Yumeko (3).pngFile:Yumeko (4).png
File:Yumeko Angry.pngFile:Yumeko mom 1.pngFile:Yumiko.jpg

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