Ninjas in Ninja Hattori are from only two regions: The Koga and Ega regions. Ninja Hattori, Shinzo Hattori, Shishimaru and Tsubame (Sonam) are all from Ega while Kemuzou Kemumaki and Keiyo are from the Koga region.

Ninja ClansEdit

Ega ClanEdit

The Ega Region is the village for Ega citizens. Ega Tribe ninjas stay here. Some notable figures are Hattori`s father, Hattori, Shinzo, Shishimaru and Sonam with Hattori`s mother and Hattori`s sensei stays there. Ega is a peaceful dwelling and a lot of Ninja Academy have been found there. The weather is normal and a temperate wind. Ega Tribes mostly eat fried eggs or just water for their training. Young Ninja's are left to pick up leaves or help the old people. Mastering young Ninjas learn techniques. When a Ninja becomes an adult and become stronger, they defend the city or try to build their own technique. There are a lot types of species there except of animals and humans. Like monsters, giants and small bug like creatures called Ega Antlers (or Ega Insects in Hindi Dub). The current defender and leader of the Ega People is a weird mustached man known as Kanto as told by Hattori`s mother. The Ega are peaceful and don`t want to fight or conquer things or steal. They are strict rivals of the Koga tribe as they had a war and it is untold who wins. They would execute any Koga tribe members who would try to attack them. They started their civilization from a long river called Ega Aqua.

Koga TribeEdit

The Koga tribe are ruthless and love to fight. Their favourite thing is to challenge each other on a fight. They live in a grassy near waterless area. But they take water from a very very long and big river scattered throughout the place called the Sacred Water of Koga from which they also started their dwelling. They went on a war with the Ega for stealing their ancient and sacred Ninja Technique scrolls. It is unknown who won but in a episode Aamara looked angry when he told Keiyo about the war and then finished speaking about who won. This maybe hint that the Ega Tribe won. They mostly use fire or objects to fight and get easily jealous for seeing Ega people in a hand combat fighting rather than using strong weapons. Aamara was seen once in a flashback in Poga with his mother as a young baby being fed milk. The atmosphere very hot at evening in the garden. Young scholars are home taught about techniques. They are not that patient and are very challenging. They will use a kanji word on their leaf underwears written " Poo-Gaa" when they are on the village as shown in another flashback where Aamara, his father and many other people are having a bath in the bathhouse. They have a marble built bathhouse. They have also same species as Ega do but a different one called the Koga Antlers or Koga Insects in the Hindi and English dubs. They grow fast and eat leaves too like the Ega Ones but understand human feelings and are mischievous.

Karo ClanEdit

The Karo Region is a tribe destroyed by the Poga Tribe and conquered. They were peace loving and learnt ninja techniques for competitions, not war. They are only shown in Hattori's flashback in the manga.

Meso RegionEdit

The Meso Region were a tribe of harmless and weak ninjas but good and wise ones. Their land was extremely resourceful so Poga people conquered it and Meso region came to Ega Tribe for a dwelling. They are only shown in Hattori`s flashback in the manga.

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