Hattori has to give Kemumaki his comeuppance when he photo-shops pictures of Hattori and Yumeko.

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One day, Kenichi, Shishimaru and Shinzo are walking around in the city when they see Hattori and Yumeko engaged in a friendly, casual chat. Kenichi assumes that he and Yumeko are an item, and furiously rants at Hattori when they get home. Even though Hattori tries to reason with his friend, Shishimaru calls Hattori Kenichi's love rival, and Hattori snaps back at him.

Later on, Kemumaki calls Kenichi to the Shinto Temple. He shows him some (photo-shopped) pictures of Hattori and Yumeko: the first one being of Yumeko feeding Hattori, the second showing Hattori resting his head on Yumeko's legs, and the third showing Hattori kissing Yumeko! Kenichi is horrified and rushes home to confront Hattori.

Inside Kenichi's room, Hattori looks on incredulously as Kenichi and Shinzo pelt him with books and bats and toy cars. Hattori tells him that he did not do anything, and then suspects that Kemumaki and Kagechiyo photo-shopped. He then remembers the time when he went out and Kemumaki took pictures of Hattori yawning and resting on the grass. Kemumaki asks Hattori to blow a balloon, and Hattori complies. Kemumaki takes a picture of him. Hattori's suspicions then move onto a vision, when Kemumaki and Kagechiyo are cutting out the shots of Hattori and then going to Yumeko's. The two of them start blowing the cutouts towards the lens of the camera, while Yumeko is feeding Pipi, her canary. Kenichi and Shinzo are initially disbelieving, but the truth is out when Shishimaru trots in, telling Hattori that he saw Kemumaki and Kagechiyo and heard their conversation. Kenichi is furious and vows to get revenge.

Later on, Kemumaki and Kagechiyo go to the park when they see a pair of binoculars when they look inside. They are horrified as they see some crazy things: first of all, Yumeko feeding Kenichi, then, Kenichi and Yumeko having a giggly conversation, then Yumeko resting her head on Kenichi legs, and finally (though we don't see it), Kenichi and Yumeko snogging! Kemumaki is devastated, and takes his emotions out on poor Kagechiyo. In reality, Hattori and the gang were preparing visions - Yumeko was fondling her canary, while Kenichi had to make all the lovey shots under Shinzo and Shishimaru's supervision. At home, the gang rejoice their victory.

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