Kenichi is in for a tough time when he tries the ninja technique of rabbit ears out...

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The trouble starts when Kenichi daydreams in class. Mr Koike bans him from going out to play with the others, and Kenichi is laughed at when Kemumaki shows him to Yumeko. Kenichi doesn't know what they're saying though, and wishes that he had sensitive ears.

Later on, Mrs Mitsuba asks Hattori to go to the market and get some fish, and also tries to encourage Kenichi to take a leaf out of Hattori's book. Just then, she remembers that she forgot to ask for fish, and calls Hattori (with her voice). Miraculously, Hattori, who is on the other side of the street, hears and comes running back home. Kenichi is impressed, and resolves to ask Hattori if he can teach him that technique. He does so later on, and Hattori tests Kenichi's hearing by ringing a bell. First he gets close to him and rings it, then jumps onto the roof, then goes out of the house, and to the other side of the street. Ringing it from all signals, Kenichi does very well on the first three, but can't hear anything from the fourth. Hattori then tells him of the ninja technique of rabbit ears. He does it on Kenichi, and it works.

Later, Mr Mitsuba comes back home with a cake, and tells his wife not to give it to any of the children. Kenichi hears this, and he and Shinzo barge downstairs to get some. However, the plan backfires when Kenichi is disturbed by noises in the night, such as cars running, builders working, and frogs croaking. Hattori then takes the spell off him.

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