These are some of the ninja techniques used in the Ninja Hattori-kun series.

Techniques Edit

  1. Ninja technique of numeral erasing - Blow through a small tube at a number. Used in "Mum becomes Kemumaki's mum".
  2. Ninja technique of hypnotism - Hypnotize someone with a hypnotism watch. Used frequently.
  3. Ninja technique of walking on the wall - Walk on the walls without support. Used frequently.
  4. Ninja technique of sleeping anywhere and anytime - Hide behind a tree or under a bridge or behind a rock. Used in "Ninja technique of sleeping anywhere and anytime".
  5. Ninja technique of ninja puppet - Create a puppet of someone you know and pull it up and down with strings. Used in "Ninja technique of ninja puppet".
  6. Ninja technique of flying squirrel - Take a sheet, attach all ends to your fingers and toes and fly in the sky. Used frequently.
  7. Ninja technique of blowing leaves onto yourself - Take a sheet with leaf design and hide yourself under it. To hide your entire body, you need real leaves. Used in "Ninja technique of blowing leaves onto yourself".
  8. Ninja technique of walking on water - Take round wooden slippers and walk on water. Used frequently.
  9. Ninja technique of disguising as someone else - Take a sheet of somebody and cover yourself with it. Used frequently.
  10. Ninja technique of changing personality - Take a small mirror, draw an emotion on it with a marker pen and face it at somebody else. Used in "We want our old Kenichi back!"

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