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Ninja technique of Ayetsuri (Ninja Hypnotism) (忍法あやつりニャンニャンの巻) is episode 38 of the Ninja Hattori-kun 1981 anime.

Upon watching a magic show where a magician hypnotises a man, Kenichi becomes eager to learn hypnotism. However, he misuses the technique and falls prey to Kemumaki. Fortunately, Hattori comes to the rescue.

Synopsis Edit

Kenichi and the gang are watching a magic show. The magician hypnotises a member of his audience, and makes him act like a wildcat. Kenichi asks Hattori to teach him the ninja hypnotism technique, and Hattori says no. Undaunted, Kenichi decides to learn the trick himself.

Next morning, at breakfast, Kenichi tries to hypnotise his dad. After failing dismally, he goes to school and tries it on Mr Koike, making him cough. Kenichi rejoices his triumph, but things go wrong when he, Kemumaki and Yumeko are assigned to tidy up the classroom. Kemumaki makes Kenichi act like a cat, leaving Yumeko baffled.

Later on, Kenichi and Kagechiyo take part in a catfight, when Hattori turns up to rescue Kenichi. Kemumaki blocks the way to Kenichi and orders Kagechiyo to run. Hattori chases him and catches up with him. He then hypnotises him and makes him behave like a rat and persuades him to bother Kemumaki with his and Kenichi's fighting.

Back at the park, Kagechiyo and Kenichi run around in circles and bother poor Kemumaki, who runs off. Hattori then takes the spell off Kenichi, who returns to normal, yet he continues to act like a cat. As he walks off, Shinzo and Shishimaru, having hidden behind two artificial bushes, reveal themselves. Hattori tells them that Kenichi will never change.

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