Hattori has to help Kenichi once again to stop him from getting late for school. 

Kenichi realises he's been swindled

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One morning, Hattori demonstrates his ninja technique of teleportation by jumping onto a see-saw made by himself. Shishimaru on one side, Hattori's weight sends him soaring to the park. Shinzo, armed with a fishing net, tries to catch him, but he misses by three metres. Hattori tries to get him to do it again, but Shishimaru refuses. As he runs off, with Hattori and Shinzo on his tail (get the pun?), they hear a cry: "I'm going to be late!"

As the three ninjas screech to a halt, they see Kenichi frantically running past them. Hattori knows that Kenichi is going to be late for school again, and he is right: Kenichi is in VERY BIG trouble with Mr Koike. He says that Kenichi has been late for school for the fourteenth consecutive time, and will break the school lateness record if he carries on like this.

Later, when Kenichi reassures Yumeko that he won't be late again and will rely on Hattori for help, nasty Kemumaki tells him to rely on Togeijirou. He tells Kenichi to fetch Togeijirou and take him to the waste ground.

A short while later, Kenichi fetches his cactus and goes to the waste ground to teleport. Kagechiyo puts one of Kenichi's shoes on his master's rival's head, and Kemumaki plays some relaxing music in the background. With the music playing, Kenichi asks Togeijirou to take him to school. Kemumaki petrifies Kenichi and then carries him and Togeijirou off to the school grounds with Kagechiyo, not even bothering to stop to catch some breath. Kenichi gazes awhile at the building and is overjoyed to see that the plan has worked. As Kenichi thanks Kemumaki, the villainous Koga ninja sniggers at the situation.

That night, Mrs Mitsuba tries to persuade Kenichi to go to bed, but Kenichi, self-assured, tells Mrs Mitsuba to relax. The following morning, Kenichi wakes up at ten-to-eight in the morning. He worries at first, but then relaxes when he sees Togeijirou. He tries to teleport after eating a big breakfast and reading some comics, but Hattori eventually tells him the truth. Kenichi is horrified, and pleads with Hattori for help. Hattori remembers the time he sent Shishimaru to the park with his see-saw. Preparing his very sophisticated piece of equipment, he sends Kenichi flying to school. Kenichi is stunned by his flight, but is happy that he impressed Yumeko. Kemumaki is furious that his plan failed.

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