No Chocolate Rolls for Shishimaru (Shishimaru's obsession of chocolate rolls) (チクワなんか嫌いじゃわん

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Shishimaru pretends to turn against chocolate rolls

の巻) is episode 352 of the Ninja Hattori-kun 1981 anime.

After Shishimaru becomes addicted to chocolate rolls, Hattori crosses out a picture of chocolate rolls and bans Shishimaru from eating them for a week. However, when Shishimaru and Shinzo are lured around by Kemumaki and Kenichi, Hattori uses his ninja techniques to try and stop him. Shishimaru pretends to dislike chocolate rolls after that, before revealing his true feelings...

Synopsis Edit

One day, when Kenichi is doing his homework, Shishimaru comes in and tries to eat everything in the room (and ultimately swallows a pencil), much to Kenichi's annoyance. Hattori comes in and tells Shishimaru to cut out the chocolate rolls from his diet - at least for a week.

Shishimaru goes to the park to mourn the loss of his beloved confectionery, but has an idea when a joyful Kagechiyo
Money Money Money by ABBA in Ninja Hattori - English India dub - song-000:17

Money Money Money by ABBA in Ninja Hattori - English India dub - song-0

comes along with a coin. Shishimaru swallows the coin, but spits it out when Shinzo orders him to do so. Later on, after Kagechiyo gets his money back, he calls Kemumaki and tells him to come. He brings a six pack of chocolate rolls and a slice of cake (which Shinzo is cutting down on), and tempts the two of them to eat. Shinzo resists his temptation, but Shishimaru tries to guzzle the lot and is stunned after the chocolate rolls are revealed to be firecrackers. Shinzo is amused. Later on, Kenichi tempts the dog with rolls, saying that they aren't fake. Shishimaru tries to guzzle them up - but is
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Shishimaru is torn between the cake and the chocolate roll

stopped by Hattori just in time. They then go and dress a bakery up in chocolate roll coverings - and when Shishimaru tries to eat them, the owner comes along and shoos him off. The gang then disguise a lamppost, but Shishimaru catches a glimpse of them and they are finally exposed when they dress up as chocolate rolls in the garden and are soaked with a hosepipe.

Drying off, Kenichi grumbles that Shishimaru ruined their plans. As Shishimaru comes in pretending not to like chocolate rolls, the gang rejoice - but happiness is turned to irony when Shishimaru eats sixty-two chocolate rolls on a plate!

Characters Edit

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