There are references/parodies to the Ninja Hattori-kun series in other manga and anime. Other characters have also made cameos in the Ninja Hattori-kun series as well.


Esper MamiEdit


Perman In Hindi New Episode (Perman VS Ninja) For Kids 2017!!!!

Perman In Hindi New Episode (Perman VS Ninja) For Kids 2017!!!!

Hattori Jinchuu, Hattori's and Shinzo's father appears in an episode of Perman, where they fought with each other.

In episode 352 of Perman, Mrs Mitsuba, Tsubame and Hattori appear as part of the crowd watching a fireworks display. In the next scene, Koike Yamada and Aiko sensei are seen standing together, with Aiko sensei carrying their baby. Kenichi Mitsuba and Yumeko Kawai are also shown to be standing together in love.



Mrs. Mitsuba appears in an episode of Doraemon, in one of Doraemon's dreams.

Koike Yamada appears as a cameo in Doraemon where he eats ramen.

In a Doraemon manga, Nobita is seen holding a Ninja Hattori manga. The cover of the manga resembles the second issue of the Tentomusi Comics Ninja Hattori series.

Obake no Q-tarōEdit

Koike Yamada appears as a ramen chef in Obake no Q-tarō.

Biriken & Ultra BEdit

Koike also appears in the cartoons "Biriken" and "Ultra B" as Michio's father.

The World God Only KnowsEdit

In real lifeEdit

Hattori train

Ninja Hattori train

The Himi-Jōhana Line in Takaoka City, the birthplace of Fujiko Ⓐ (Abiko Motoo), operates "Ninja Hattori trains". In Himi Line wayside Kanzou Hattori's automated voice is used for announcements.