Shinzō Hattori
Personal information
Alias: Shin-chan
Gender: Male
Personality: Loyal, brave, mischievous but not mean
Likes: Cake, Playing with Shishimaru
Dislikes: Doing hard work
Family(s): Hattori Jinchuu (father)

Hattori and Shinzou's Mum (mother)
Kanzo Hattori (brother)
Kentaru Mitsuba (foster father)
Mrs Mitsuba (foster mother)
Kenichi Mitsuba (foster brother)
Tsubame (sister in law)

Friends: Yumiko Kawai

Kemuzou Kemumaki (occasionally)
Kagechiyo (occasionally)

Rivals: Kemuzou Kemumaki


Political & Chronological Info
Occupation: Ninja
Age: 7
More Information
Favourite Food: Cake
Actors: voice: Yūko Mita, drama actor: Shigeki Nakajō

Shinzo Hattori (ハットリ シンゾウ or 服部 心蔵 Hattori Shinzou), aka Shin-chan, is Kanzo Hattori's younger brother. A good point to note in the show is that while Kanzo is referred to as simply "Hattori", Shinzo is called by his first name. He uses weapons made out of wood unlike Hattori and Kemumaki, who use weapons out of steel but later in the series he started to use weapons of steel. Shinzo has a habit of crying really loudly; but he has a kind heart and is determined to become a strong ninja like his big bro. He has several powers to immobilise rivals like biting their heads or controlling his crying. He and Shishimaru are inseparable.

Physical appearance Edit

Shinzou is plump, has fair skin and rosy cheeks. He usually wears red robes, a white belt and a red loincloth under his trousers.


Shinzo tricks Hattori into giving him things, annoyingly cries really loudly and disturbs people such as in 'Let's go to the movies', 'Kenichi flies in the sky' and such episodes. However, he's a loyal and devoted brother to Hattori and has a good heart and great compassion. Although he was not too good at the beginning, he has improved and is determined to become a strong ninja.

Relationships Edit

Hattori Edit

Shinzou looks up to his brother Hattori. He is not as serious as his older brother, but mostly obeys him.

Shishimaru Edit

Shinzou and Shishimaru are inseparable. They often play together and seldom fight.

Kenichi and Yumiko Edit

Kenichi does mistreat Shinzou sometimes, but still cares for him. Yumiko is one of his closest friends, and she often makes him cake and other treats.

Kemumaki Edit

Shinzou despises Kemumaki just as much as Hattori does. In "A new ninja technique", he, along with Shishimaru and Kenichi were combatants in the duel between Hattori and Kemumaki. However, Kemumaki did teach Shinzou how to walk on water.

The Mitsubas Edit

Shinzou is very close to Mr. and Mrs. Mitsuba, who care for Shinzou just like the way they care for Kenichi.

History Edit

Main Article: Shinzo Arrives


"Ninja Technique of stinkbomb!" (first line)

Weapons Edit

  • Ninja weapons: Shinzo uses normal ninja weapons, such as a sword and shuriken, to hold his own. Although they were initially made of wood and thus easily destructible, Shinzo advanced to sophisticated steel weapons.
  • Crying: Shinzo uses his crying to immobilise enemies, though he can misuse it at times.

Skills Edit

Though not as powerful as his brother, Shinzo is skilled at things to a limit.

  • Duelling: Shinzo is a skilled duellist as a combatant, even holding his own against Kemuzou Kemumaki.
  • Ninja Techniques: Shinzo is skilled at certain ninja techniques, such as walking on water and flying.
  • Strong Will: Shinzo does not give up easily, and mostly gets help from his brother.


  • Shinzo doesn't tolerate anyone interrupting his speech.

Etymology Edit

Shinzo, Shinzō or Shinzou is a common Japanese masculine name.

For more information about Shinzo's surname, please check the page on his brother.


Portrayal Edit

Shinzo was voiced by Yuko Mita.

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