Shinzo Hattori and Kemuzou Kemumaki's first duel


First ever duel between Shinzo Hattori and Kemuzou Kemumaki


Shinzo Hattori
Kemuzou Kemumaki


Kanzo Hattori, Shishimaru and Kenichi Mitsuba


Shinzo wins

This duel occurred in the episode Shinzō Arrives, when Kemumaki Kemuzou held Hattori, Kenichi and Shishimaru hostage.

The duel Edit

Shinzo Hattori suddenly arrived after setting a stinkbomb off. He then got his weapons out and intended to attack the Koga ninja, but his weapons, made out of wood, were destroyed. Kemumaki then stood on Shinzo's head, yelling "This is what happens when you play with the big boys!" Shinzo then started to cry loudly, knocking Kemumaki and Kenichi Mitsuba, one of the combatants, out cold.

Aftermath Edit

Shinzo was then praised by Hattori, who tried to introduce an unconscious Kenichi to his brother.