Shinzo Runs An Errand (シンゾウくんお使いにいくの巻) is episode 11 of the 1981 Ninja Hattori-kun anime.  

Shinzo goes on a wild goose chase around town to the greengrocer's and fishmonger's. Hattori and Shishimaru guide

Shinzo leaves the fishmonger's shop safely; Hattori watches on

him in secret. 

Synopsis Edit

One day, Shinzo offers to go shopping - to buy vegetables and fish. As Mrs Mitsuba gives him the map, he leaves - but comes back, worrying that he might get lost. Hattori says that he will do it instead, but when Shinzo threatens to cry (and we all know what that sounds like), Hattori relents and sends him on his way. As Shinzo trots off, Shishimaru follows him. Shinzo keeps getting distracted, and ends up at a dead end. Jumping over the wall, he finds the back of his own house.  

Shinzo sets off again, and Shishimaru is accompanied by Hattori this time. He draws arrows towards the greengrocer, even going as far as pinning a bloke to the wall with his shurikens. He buys the vegetables, but due to a controversy, a scuffle at the shop ensues and Shinzo escapes, heading for the fishmonger's. Hattori, once out of sight, disguises Shishimaru as a bulldog and has him chase Shinzo to the fishmonger's, He does so, but in the process, is hit in the jaw by a dustbin lid during a scuffle with Shinzo. As Shinzo buys his share of fish, an injured Shishimaru goes home.  

At home, Shinzo repeatedly boasts of his deed. Mr and Mrs Mitsuba are proud, Kenichi is annoyed, and Shishimaru is jealous that he isn't getting any attention for his injury.  

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