Chara sisimaru




Jinchu Hattori (formerly)
Kanzo Hattori (currently)

Permanent residence

Mitsuba family's house

First appearance

Shishimaru Arrives

Voiced by

Kenichi Ogata

Shishimaru is a major character in Ninja Hattori-kun.

Physical appearance Edit

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Shishimaru morphs into a ball

Shishimaru is a medium-sized, if not slightly plump yellow dog with brown jowls and chocolate brown ears. He also can change his shape and size, albeit only to a certain extent.

Shishimaru in the manga

Personality Edit

Shishimaru loves to eat, his favourite food being chikuwa, Japanese fish sausages, but referred to as chocolate rolls in the dubs. He is lazy and always tries to get out of training and he always masters techniques used in eating. He has a rivalry with Kagechiyo as Hattori has a rivalry with Kemuzou Kemumaki. He also dislikes Togejirou as he is at the centre of attention and has supernatural powers. He gets on well with Hattori, Shinzo, Kenichi and Yumeko. Despite his sloppiness, he is a dedicated disciple and is rarely seen without his master - or, if you prefer, his master is rarely seen without him. Shishimaru also has the ability of turning into a fireball when he gets angry - becoming a formidable foe when he does!

Relationships Edit

Kanzo and Shinzo Hattori Edit

Owned by the two brothers, Shishimaru is very loyal to Hattori and Shinzo, but there are the times when he is too
Shinchan shishimaru

Shinzo and Shishimaru

lazy to pay attention to any of them. Still, they face problems together and help others endlessly. Shishimaru and
Hattori kenichi shinzo shishiamru together

The Hattori-Kenichi-Shinzo-Shishimaru camaraderie

Shinzo are both inseparable, often working and playing together, but there are playful arguments every now and then.

Kenichi, Yumeko and the Mitsubas Edit

Shishimaru's workshy personality annoys the ant-like Mitsuba clan. He irks them by stealing nosh from the fridge, and spends half of his time fast asleep instead of helping out. Still, they feel that life would never be the same without this particular canine.

Yumeko is friendly with Shishimaru, and once relied on him to give her the weather forecast.

Kemumaki and Kagechiyo Edit

As an Iga ninja, Shishimaru detests Kemumaki and Kagechiyo for their evil plans. He is often one of Hattori's combatants in the many battles between Hattori and Kemumaki, and he and Kagechiyo fight like cats and dogs, because they are cats and dogs (or to be precise, Shishimaru is the dog and Kagechiyo is the cat).

Tsubame Edit

Despite being from the same clan as Tsubame, Shishimaru is annoyed by this very stroppy vixen. She once kept him from eating many times, once because she was saving everything in the fridge for Hattori, and again because she thought that the meal she was cooking would get spoilt as he, along with the other Mitsubas, wanted to get a bite to eat.

History Edit

Main Article: Shishimaru Arrives

Quotes Edit

  • "Rubbadi-rubbadi-rubbadi!" (catchphrase)
  • "Kabbadi-kabbadi-kabbadi!" (formerly used Hindi version of "Rubbadi-rubbadi-rubbadi!")

Weapons Edit

Bones: Shishimaru is known to use bones, either in battle, anger, or self-defence.

Skills Edit

  • Eating: Shishimaru has the largest appetite in the history of Ninja Hattori-kun.
  • Duelling: Shishimaru is also a good duellist, using bones as his weapons. When provoked, he can turn into a fireball.

Etymology Edit

Shishimaru (獅子丸) means Round Lion in Japanese.

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