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Shishimaru Wins (Shishimaru Arrives) (獅子丸には参ったでござるの巻) is episode 4 of the 1981 Ninja Hattori-kun anime. A mysterious ninja terrier by the name of Shishimaru causes chaos around town and for the Mitsuba family after rescuing Kenichi and Yumeko from a bulldog. Shishimaru is later revealed to be Hattori's dog.

Synopsis Edit

Kenichi is stalking away from school, scanning his exam papers. Yumeko catches up with him and Kenichi accuses her of not helping him cheat, to which Yumeko gives a reproachful reaction. Kenichi then kicks a tin away, but, in doing so, accidentally wakes up a bad - tempered bulldog. Kenichi then tries to tease the dog, but it then turns on them. Just then, a yellow dog runs into the vicinity, knocks the bulldog out, and then carries it back to its kennel, before scarpering off.

Back at home, Kenichi tells Hattori about the dog and sketches it. Hattori then sets off in search off it, calling it to the name of "Shishimaru". The dog is then seen stealing chocolate rolls from a roadside shop. He then buries them so that he can save it for later. Hattori then catches Shishimaru and then takes it home with him.

Meanwhile, Shishimaru eats up an entire steamed pot of rice. Mr and Mrs Mitsuba then spot the dog's footprints up the wall; Hattori, who hears the commotion, calls Shishimaru down. Shishimaru then cleans his tracks, takes Mr Mitsuba's cigarette out of his mouth and gives everyone an apple.

Later on, Kenichi calls Yumeko and tells her about what happened. Yumeko is pleasantly surprised about this, but then Shishimaru, who has fallen asleep in Kenichi's bed, starts snoring loudly, much to the chagrin of Kenichi and Hattori.

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