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Shishimaru dressed as a detective

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Shishimaru, Shinzo and Hattori in combat

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Lord Kenichi Mitsuba

Shishimaru the detective (Shishimaru, An Enthusiastic Detective) (The Golden Cigars) (熱中探偵獅子丸の巻) is episode 229 of the 1981 Ninja Hattori-kun anime.

Shishimaru dreams that he is a detective.

Synopsis Edit

Hattori, Shinzo, Shishimaru and Kenichi are watching a mystery drama centred around a detective. They are enjoying the show - when Mrs Mitsuba turns the television off and marches them off to bed.

Later on, Shishimaru is dozing in his kennel when he suddenly has a dream: he is the leader of a secret service, and he, along with his agents, Kanzo and Shinzo, is on a mission to protect Princess Yumeko. They go to her palace along with several adult guards - when there is a blackout. Hattori turns the power back on and meets up with Shishimaru, Shinzo and Yumeko. Everything seems to be fine - when the chocolate roll cigars Yumeko has been guarding have been replaced by a villain. They were supposed to be closed on one side, Yumeko says, but now they are closed on both sides. She tells the detectives that she surmised that a villain must have come from underground and stolen the real cigars while replacing them with the fake ones.

Outside, Kanzo discovers that there are footprints on the wall, leading down to the ground. He follows the footprints, along with the other two detectives. He then finds Kemuzou Kemumaki and his cat eating chocolate rolls and captures them - but Kemumaki says that he bought them by a roadside stall. Hattori realises his mistake, apologises, and sets off. He finds a shack and examines it - where they find the evil Lord Kenichi with a gun. They engage in a duel - when Shishimaru wakes up and starts shooting his kennel with a pretend gun. He wakes the others up and annoys them before crying out, "I'm 007!"

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