Shishimaru dreams of being the emperor of a small palace after Mr Mitsuba tells a story at the dinner table about how pets of aristocratic families ate in the past.

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Shishimaru is eating in a very sloppy manner, with the food all down the table. Hattori, Kenichi and Mrs Mitsuba are revolted by this. Mr Mitsuba, however, is tolerant and remembers that in the past, when there was no crockery or cutlery, animals of aristocrats ate with their food all down the table. A dream sequence pops up...

It is the past, and Shishimaru is the emperor of a small palace. His subjects are Hattori, Shinzo, Kenichi, Kentaru, Yumeko, Mrs Mitsuba and Mr Koike, while Kemumaki Kemuzou and Kagechiyo are the royal jesters. Shishimaru eats the same way he did at the dinner table in the normal timeline. One day, Shishimaru makes his subjects pray to him. He then has Kemumaki and Kagechiyo perform a comedy for him, but when he is dissatisfied, he imprisons Kemumaki and his cat in the dungeons.

Shishimaru then decides to go on an adventure; he sneaks out at night when nobody is looking. Yumeko turns up with a night-time snack (chocolate rolls) only to find Shishimaru missing. Worried sick, she alerts the other subjects. Hattori and Shinzo then tail his footsteps. They find Shishimaru, but when Hattori tries to talk him out of escaping, Shishimaru heeds him not and goes underground. He then comes across water and is chased back to land by a whale. Hattori and his subjects do find him and are about to take him back to land when the timeframe returns to normal. Shishimaru then interrupts Hattori, Shinzo and Kenichi's card game.

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