Skirmish at the Mitsuba house


Skirmish at Kenichi's house


Kemuzou Kemumaki
Kenichi Mitsuba


Kanzo Hattori and Mrs Mitsuba

This skirmish occurred in the episode Kemumaki when Kemumaki set a stink bomb off in the master bedroom of the Mitsuba house. He then physically attacked Kenichi and Hattori.

Aftermath Edit

Kemumaki then made a cock and bull story about Kenichi and Hattori physically attacking him. Mrs Mitsuba then told the other two boys off, but Kemumaki pretended to stick up for them.

Other information Edit

While this is not officially the first ever duel in Ninja Hattori, this is the first ever skirmish in the series involving Kemumaki Kemuzou.

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