Shiishimaru falls into Shinzo and Kenichi's trap

The Eating Competition (大喰い競争はこりごりでござるの巻) is episode 128 of the 1981 anime.

Hattori takes part in an eating competition alongside other competitors - including Kemumaki! Will Hattori be able to win?

Synopsis Edit

One night at the dinner table, Kenichi, Kentaru and Shinzo refuse to have their dinner. Shishimaru then points out that no one wants to eat because of the upcoming eating competition. Shinzo then tauntingly says that there will be no food left for Shishimaru, prompting him to resolve to take part in the contest.

Later on, Hattori, Shinzo and Kenichi watch Shishimaru jogging outside the house, determined to lose weight for the competition. Hattori calls him back to the house, but he rebukes him.

About an hour later, Kenichi, who is ravenous, gets out of bed and falls over because his foot has been tied to a rope. Shinzo tells him to bear it, but Kenichi complains that he really is hungry.

The following morning, it rains. Shinzo asks Kenichi if the competition has been cancelled, and Kenichi tells him to stay positive. Later on at dinner, Kenichi and Shinzo, assuming that their fasting has gone to waste, guzzle their dinner of rice and beetroot up. They also steal Shishimaru's bullseye and beetroot. Shishimaru, angry at this injustice, asks Shinzo why he is stealing his food, and Shinzo tells him to starve until the competition begins.

The following day, the gang hear firecrackers. Knowing that the competition will begin, they go to the festival. They look at the prizes, which include a stereo system, a television, and and a pair of speakers. Shishimaru is determined to take part, but Kenichi and Shinzo tease him, saying that the chances of him winning is pie in the sky. As Shishimaru angrily rants at them, Hattori offers to participate on his behalf. Just then, they hear a snide voice, and turn to see Kemumaki and Kagechiyo. Hattori vows to beat Kemumaki in the competition.

Later on, Kanzo, Kemumaki and about ten other competitors sit at the competition table, plates of dumplings in front of them. The starter fires his gun in the air, and the contestants start to eat the dumplings. As Shinzo, Kenichi, Shishimaru and Kagechiyo cheer Hattori and Kemumaki on, a contestant falls over. A few seconds later, another one bites the dust. Sometime later, after all the contestants except Kanzo and Kemumaki have fallen over, Hattori clutches his stomach and collapses, so Kemumaki wins, much to Kenichi, Shinzo and Shishimaru's dismay. However, as the chief guest puts Kemumaki's medal on, his shirt splits open and about fifteen dumplings fall out! Kemumaki has cheated - the real winner is Hattori!

At home, Hattori and the gang open the grand prize. To Hattori's horror, the prize is a jumbo pack of dumplings!

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