The Mitsuba family car
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Kentaru Mitsuba (possibly)

Driven by

Kentaru Mitsuba
Mrs Mitsuba

The car of the Mitsuba family has lots of different appearances (when it's not being used [which is frequent] it is parked in the garage). A major role is in A very bumpy ride, where Mrs Mitsuba accidentally makes the car break down while trying to drive it. It is seen in Everybody goes on a picnic in which the car breaks down after the tyre gets punctured. A metallic blue car is seen in Kagechiyo becomes a scrubber in the scene where Shinzo, Shishimaru and Jippou wash it while using Kagechiyo as a scrubber. It is seen in another episode; Mr Mitsuba drives it in that. In the new series, a modern red saloon is seen again in Mrs Mitsuba takes the wheel, where Mrs Mitsuba drives it. A hatchback is seen behind a dust cover in Mrs Mitsuba's Birthday. In The spirit of the inn, Mr. Mitsuba drives another maroon saloon to an old-fashioned hotel and it breaks down on the motorway. With no other option, they abandon the car.

The original model and the metallic blue model can be based on a Nissan Bluebird or Nissan Sunny or Toyota Corolla, the contemporary saloon can be based on a Vauxhall Cavalier, the hatchback can be based on a Toyota Vitz or a Nissan March, while the one used in The spirit of the inn may be based on a Toyota Crown.

Gallery Edit

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