Kenichi worries when he hears of the legend of the Snow Queen, and Kemumaki and Kagechiyo start to

Kemumaki comes face-to-face with the Snow Queen

make things worse for him.

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Upstairs, Hattori and the gang are watching the weather forecast. They are excited when they hear that it's going to snow, but are horrified after Hattori tells them about the Snow Queen, who apparently petrifies people by letting out an icy blast from her mouth.

Next morning, Kenichi goes to school, disgruntled. Kemumaki and Kagechiyo are hiding behind a tree and disguise as the Snow Queen to scare Kenichi. Later on at school, he tells Kemumaki and Yumeko about his ordeal.

On his way home, Kenichi encounters Kemumaki and Kagechiyo again, disguised as the Snow Queen, and they scare Kenichi to the point of knocking him out. Later on, Hattori and the gang find poor Kenichi, still unconscious. Thankfully, he wakes up, and then he tells them about the Snow Queen. Hattori says that he must be joking, but Shishimaru realises that it was one of Kemumaki's tricks.

Later on, Shishimaru disguises as the snow queen to scare Kemumaki, but due to an accident, he and Hattori are exposed. Hattori and Kemumaki then have a fierce duel, but meet a walking, talking snowman! Kemumaki runs away, but Mr Mitsuba reveals himself, and Hattori apologises for mistaking him for a snowman due to his plump figure.

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