Kenichi, Kemumaki and a few other students from school are to swim in freezing water. Nervous about taking part,

Shishimaru and Kagechiyo clash underwater

Kenichi confides in Hattori, who gives him a beige swimsuit. This, however, turns into a disaster!

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At school, Mr Koike tells the students that there is a challenge in which the students have to swim in cold water. Kenichi comments that it will be freezing, but Yumeko is left confused after Kemumaki says that he will compete, leading to Kenichi saying so too.

At home, Kenichi seeks help from Shinzo and Shishimaru, who throw ice cubes into the bath before pushing Kenichi in. This plan doesn't work though, and Kenichi confides in Hattori, who gives him a beige bathing suit to protect him from the cold.

Next morning at the race, Kenichi and Kemumaki meet up, and Yumeko says she feels more confident about him winning. The race starts, but Kagechiyo restrains Kenichi, and just as it looks like Kemumaki will win, Shinzo and Shishimaru get revenge for stopping Kenichi. Kagechiyo and Shishimaru then have a scrap, which ends in Kagechiyo ripping Kenichi's bathing suit. Upon reaching the bank, Mr Koike says that they took part, which was important, but Yumeko is fuming that neither of them won. Just then, Kenichi realises that his suit was abandoned in the water, and, struck by the gravity of the revelation, catches a cold.

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  • In the scene where Yumeko tells Kenichi that she has changed her opinion about him, Hattori's belt is white in colour, but, without changing scenes, it suddenly becomes red.