Kenichi borrows an electronic logic game from a friend and takes it home with him, but causes a bit of a scuffle.

Hattori shows off his skill

Kanzo has to sort things out.

Synopsis Edit

The episode starts with Shinzo and Hattori making stilts. When Shinzo tries to ride his stilt, the footrest of the stilt wobbles, and Hattori helps him out. Mr Mitsuba comes and tries them out. Shortly afterwards, Kenichi comes back home. Shinzo tries to get him to ride the stilts, but Kenichi ignores him. He reveals that he has borrowed an electro-logic game from a friend.

Later on, at dinner, the family are sitting at the table. Mrs Mitsuba gets her husband to fetch Kenichi from his room. Kentaru goes, but doesn't come back. Annoyed, Mrs Mitsuba gets Shinzo to call Kenichi and Mr Mitsuba, but Shinzo doesn't come back. Furious, the homemaker gets Shishimaru the terrier to fetch them, but the gluttonous dog refuses. Livid, Mrs Mitsuba goes upstairs with Kanzo Hattori to fetch them.

Meanwhile, Kenichi, Shinzo and Kentaru are struggling for the game. Mrs Mitsuba snaps that they have a dinner to eat. Hattori then notices the game and goes to play it. Bewildered at how a ninja can play an electronic game, the Mitsubas ask how Hattori can use it. Hattori patiently explains that though ninjas live in the great outdoors, they are still aware of what happens outside. He then demonstrates ninja logic.

Next day, Hattori, Shinzo, Mr Mitsuba and Shishimaru are outside, watching Kenichi ride his stilts. Mr Mitsuba calls his wife, but she doesn't come out. Hattori goes inside to find Mrs Mitsuba immersed in the game.

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