The pre-match discussion

Kenichi and Kemumaki have their frogs take part in a frog race. 


One night, Hattori has a nightmare when he sees a frog. He wakes up almost instantly and is relieved that it was only a dream, but is horrified when he hears a real frog croaking. As he goes to investigate, he sees Kenichi training the frog to jump. Shocked, he falls through the trapdoor and lands on Kenichi's bed. When Hattori asks why Kenichi had to bring a frog into the house, Kenichi tells him that he and Kemumaki are having a frog race. When he adds that he's collecting frogs, Shinzo brings in three more. Hattori screams.

The next day, Kemumaki is training his frog while Hattori spies on them. Just then, Kenichi, Shinzo and Shishimaru arrive with their frog. Kemumaki taunts Kenichi, but Kenichi bravely faces his comments by saying that he's confident about his frog winning. Unfortunately, the frog refuses to budge, until Kemumaki forces it to. The frog overtakes Kemumaki's frog, so Kemumaki, regretting his decision, distracts Kenichi's frog with a fly. As Kenichi's frog goes the other sy to catch the fly, Kemumaki's frog wins. Hattori runs off in fear of the frog, but an undaunted Kenichi says that he will compete tomorrow.

Back at home, Hattori promises Kenichi that he will help him train the frog; however, he asks Shinzo to take his place. Shinzo wilfully hypnotises the frog to keep going no matter what. Meanwhile, at Kemumaki's flat, Kagechiyo gives his master some insects for the frogs.

Back at home, Shinzo is reading The Hare and The Tortoise to the frog when Mrs Mitsuba calls them in for dinner. At the same time, Kagechiyo reads the same story to his frog. As Kenichi, Kanzo and Shinzo eat, Shishimaru tells the frog never to give up because the tortoise didn't give up either.

Next morning, Kemumaki teases Kenichi again, but Kenichi tells him that the rest will be left to time. Kenichi's frog is a lot slower than Kemumaki's, but Kenichi, Shinzo and Shishimaru egg him on with their rooting. Eventually, Kemumaki's frog stops to have a little lie down, and Kenichi's frog wins the race. Now humanoid by their hypnotism, he grabs the red flag. As Kemumaki and Kagechiyo look on incredulously, Hattori ends the show with the line, "Hard work leads to success!"

Characters Edit

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