Long awaited udon (The long awaited shinobi udon) (がまんがまんの忍びうどんの巻) is episode 554 of the 1981 Ninja Hattori-kun anime.

Tsubame is making Shinobi Oudan - but it will take three hours to be preserved - and Tsubame isn't letting them eat anything because she fears that it will interfere with the taste of her delicacy! How on earth will Hattori and the gang survive? 

Tsubame steals some buns to preserve her taste


The episode starts with Tsubame chopping noodles and vegetables. She explains that she is making Shinobi Udon (you will see what it is at the bottom of the page) amid comments of praise from the Mitsubas (with the exception of Mrs Mitsuba, who has apparently gone out). Those comments, however, die out when she says that it will take three hours for the rest of the job.

Back upstairs, in Kenichi's room, Kenichi wishes it took one hour less. Mr Mitsuba suggests they watch television to distract themselves. The plan, however, goes wrong when they end up watching a broadcast on Japanese hamburgers.

Hattori then pleads with Tsubame to let them eat something, but she protests loudly, saying that it will interfere with the taste of the delicacy. She however, cooks a plan and tells Hattori to take some buns from the cupboard. He then relents and distributes the gang with the buns. Tsubame then freezes them with the Ninja Technique of Body - Binding. She then stuffs the buns into Shishimaru's mouth. She then performs the counter - technique and scarpers off. Shishimaru then eats the buns but the rest of the gang end up biting their own hands, bun - less. Furious, they glare at a baffled Shishimaru.

After some more pleading, Hattori decides to make instant noodles. Tsubame stops him again. Hattori eventually loses his temper and snaps at Tsubame, who is reduced to tears. Hattori instantly apologises, then sneaks off with the noodles. Tsubame throws her ninja sandal under Mr Mitsuba's foot and makes him walk in circles (Mr Mitsuba was escaping to a restaurant). She then makes holes in the noodle cups. The noodles are ruined. Enraged, Shinzou, Shishimaru and Kenichi run downstairs. While Shishimaru and Shinzou attack Tsubame, Kenichi tries to dial the restaurant. Just then, Hattori comes and apprehends them. Tsubame eventually agrees to the fact that they are too hungry. Just as they set off for the restaurant, the timer goes off. Serving time!

As Hattori helps her serve the food, Tsubame remembers Mr Mitsuba and takes the technique off him. Mr Mitsuba returns to the house. The gang eat heartily, and Tsubame expresses her happiness that they are enjoying the food.


Note Edit

Shinobi Udon is a Japanese delicacy made from noodles, soup and vegetables.